Student Testimonials


Lydianna Diaz
Political Science Major (POBA Transfer)

I am a returning student of NJCU after a ten-year hiatus. I attended HCCC for two years and then transferred to NJCU in 2011. My educational career took a halt in spring of 2013 as I was called to attend the Police Academy for the Jersey City Police Department.  

I am a born and raised Jersey City resident and I am a single mom of a wonderful and vibrant two year old. It is important for me to have a positive and grounding structure for my daughter.  In addition, I strive to maintain a positive impact on her life. My career aspirations are to eventually obtain a law degree and retire from the Jersey City Police and obtain a further career in the judicial administration somewhere in the state of New Jersey. I am thrilled to finish what I have started. 



Anthony Figueroa
Biology Major, Biology (Science and Mathematics)
Previous School: Hudson County Community College

The decision to transfer to New Jersey City University (NJCU) was influenced by several factors. Firstly, NJCU's reputation for academic excellence played a significant role in my decision. Additionally, NJCU's affordability, among the lowest of the four-year colleges in New Jersey, made it a financially viable option for pursuing my bachelor's degree.

Moreover, NJCU stood out not only for its commitment to academic excellence but also for its dedication to fostering diversity and inclusion. The school's emphasis on providing education that develops essential skills beyond academics, coupled with its support for a diverse student body, were key considerations in my decision.

Furthermore, one of the primary reasons for my choice to transfer to NJCU was its STEM summer internships, where I had the opportunity to engage in hands-on research experiences. These internships not only allowed me to apply theoretical knowledge gained in the classroom to real world scenarios but also provided invaluable insights into the field of biology.

My career aspirations revolve around my profound passion for healthcare and my ultimate goal of becoming a physician. Motivated by a desire to serve and uplift communities, especially those facing barriers to affordable healthcare, I am committed to making a positive impact. Throughout my academic journey, spanning from Hudson County Community College to New Jersey City University, I have consistently demonstrated dedication to academic excellence and the resilience that fuels my pursuit of reaching my career goals.



William Pillajo
Cybersecurity Major, Veteran

My name is William Pillajo, my prior major was Police Sciences with Middlesex County College. 

I transferred to NJCU because I saw they have opportunities to study in Homeland Security as well as Cyber Security. These topics are of deep interest for me and I wish to further my knowledge in these areas.

For my career, I plan on applying for Law Enforcement. I want to further my service with the communities and protect them as well.



Jasmine Warren
Sociology Major
Minor: Criminal Justice
Previous School: Hudson County Community College

After leaving HCCC, I was seeking an academic environment that would support, encourage, and nurture my personal and academic goals. I was born and raised in Jersey City, and I remember always passing by this enormous college. The architect alone caught my eye. I always knew I wanted to continue my education and location was a huge part of my decision to enroll at NJCU. After taking a tour and speaking to the amazing and warm-hearted faculty and staff, I knew this was the right place for me. As I walked through the gates, up the stairs, and through the arched doorways; I was immediately embraced by NJCU: The diverse culture, the loving greetings, and many friendly faces willing to help me succeed in every goal I have set for myself. Seeing the inscription on the wall, boldly saying, "Enter to Learn, Exit to Serve, served as a profound revelation creating a zealous desire to become a part of the NJCU family. 

After obtaining my Bachelor's degree, I intend to open a community center while pursuing my Master's degree at NJCU. I aspire to become the future Mayor of Jersey City and advocate for those whose voices are often unheard, creating a more inclusive and equitable community. I aim to emphasize the importance of education and inspire the next generation to follow suit.