Cybersecurity Awareness Training

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Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Information Security Awareness Training

What is Information Security Awareness Training?

Information security awareness training provides knowledge of security best practices that can be used to guard against information security threats.  Learning these best practices are important because we all play a role in protecting the University’s information systems and data assets, along with keeping our home environments safe.

What is the goal of the information security awareness training program?

The goal is to provide staff members the opportunity to learn about how information security breaches occur, the type of security attacks that are used, and actions that can be taken to thwart these attacks.

Information Security Awareness Training at NJCU

NJCU has an ongoing commitment towards protecting its critical assets, along with the privacy and security of student, faculty, and staff personal information.  As part of this commitment, the Department of IT is providing a required information security awareness training to staff members.

The information security awareness training is customized to help staff members develop the essential skills needed to recognize and apply defensive strategies against information security threats.  It includes an overview of various security topics such as:

  • Information security threat types
  • Securing yourself while working remotely
  • Safety practices for handling your devices
  • Protecting and handling sensitive data
  • Securing the physical workspace
  • Learning how to evade phishing attacks

The training is required to be completed once assigned.  With the increased number of ransomware and phishing attacks, it is critical to make ourselves aware of actions to take to protect ourselves and the University from such threats.

How is the information security awareness training provided?

The training is provided through an online LMS portal.  It will include a set of assigned information security awareness modules that will take you through the training.  Staff members can access the training once it is assigned.