Graduate Graduation Clearance

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Graduate Graduation Clearance

About Graduate Graduation Clearance

Applying for graduation- Graduate students eligible for graduation, should log on to GothicNet, go to the “My Academics” tile, click onto the “Graduation” folder, and select “Apply for Graduation”. If using the “Classic Home” format, then go to the Student Dashboard and select the “Apply for Graduation” link

Outstanding program documents- Please submit any outstanding supporting documents required for your academic program (Praxis Scores, ETPA, Advance Standing Credits) when applying for graduation.

Seven-Year Credit Limit-For courses taken that are more than seven years old, please contact your department program coordinator to facilitate a seven-year credit limit waiver with the Graduation Clearance Office. Courses older than seven years exceed the university's seven-year limit policy and require a waiver to be included and count towards your degree requirements.

Certification Only -Graduate students seeking "Certification Only" are required to file an application for certification with the Certification Processing Office in P-203. Certification only students do not apply for graduation clearance.

** A $100.00 per application non-refundable Graduation Clearance Fee will be charged to all students upon filing for graduation clearance. Your diploma will NOT be released if the Graduation fee is due or if a balance is due to New Jersey City University.

Degree Audit

The degree audit is an academic advising document that maps a student's degree requirements. The purpose of the audit is to provide information to assist in academic planning and appropriate course scheduling.

  • Degree Audits are available to all currently enrolled undergraduate students by accessing GothicNet.
  • If a student feels that their audit is not correctly analyzing their program requirements, they should contact their Department Coordinator.

Graduate Graduation Clearance FAQ's

See below FAQ's for information regarding the process of Graduation Clearance and answers to commonly asked questions by graduation candidates.

You are required to apply for graduation before your final semester.   

Application periods are as follows:

  • Fall semester- August 1st – September 30th
  • Spring semester- November 1st – January 15th
  • Summer II – May 15th – June 15th
  • Summer III - May 15th – July 31st

Log on to GothicNet, go to the “My Academics” tile, click onto the “Graduation” folder, and select “Apply for Graduation”.  If you are using the “Classic Home” format, then go to the Student Dashboard and select the “Apply for Graduation” link.               

You are entered in our system as a graduation candidate for the graduation term that you applied for. After the Add/Drop period for the specified graduation term ends, a review of your curricular requirements will begin. An online graduation file is created for you. Your program coordinator will have access to the file in order to complete an official audit of your graduation requirements. Once the department coordinator’s and Registrar’s Office review is completed, the Registrar’s office will notify you via NJCU email regarding your graduation status.

New Jersey City University’s Commencement Ceremony takes place once a year, typically in May. Invited are graduates from the following graduation terms: August graduates from the previous year; current January graduates and eligible candidates from the Spring graduation term. Information regarding Cap and Gown pick-up and Graduation day will be sent to these students, typically in late March.

  • Yes, however there are conditions that must be met.
  1. You are required to apply for the Spring graduation term. You will be not approved for graduation. This grants us the opportunity to audit your academic records and assess what courses you are missing for degree completion. Your “not-approved” email notification will include information about the “Permission to Participate” process on the bottom portion of that email.
  2. The Registrar’s Office will also forward you an email containing information regarding “Permission to Participate” as well as the application. This application must be completed and will subsequently be reviewed by the University Registrar.
  3. Graduate students should be missing no more than six credits to be considered for eligibility. 
    • The missing course(s) must be offered during the immediate-following Summer Session I, II     and/or III sessions.  Students must be enrolled for the missing courses before submitting the “Permission to Participate” application.
  4. As a graduate student you must have a minimum 3.00 cumulative grade point average.
  5. You will not be able to participate in the Spring Commencement Ceremony if you are enrolled for course(s) needed to complete your degree requirements in any term beyond the immediate following Summer sessions or if you need more than the allotted credits to complete degree requirements in the Summer.
  • January graduates – March
  • May graduates – August
  • August graduates – October