Books Purchased Under the UISFL Title VI Grants

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Books Purchased Under the UISFL Title VI Grants

Books Purchased Under the World Languages and Cultures in Urban Education, UISFL Title VI Grants

The sign ** in the bibliography denotes new acquisitions under the second UISFL grant.
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The following list is arranged according to the Library of Congress classification system.


  • Ref. AS911.A2.A67 2001 Annual Register of Grant Support: A Directory of Funding Sources, 34th ed., 2001. (Details over 3,000 grant support programs of institutions, government agencies and individuals arranged by subject area. Includes subject, organization, geographic and personnel indexes.)


  • B121.U53 1993 Understanding Non-Western Philosophy: Introductory Readings/ edited by Daniel Bonevac and Stephen Phillips (Readings from historical and modern works of Asia, Africa and Spain arranged geographically. Includes introductory notes to each section ,timelines, maps, topical index and suggested parallels with western works.)
  • B127.T3.G69 1989 Disputers of the Tao: Philosophical Argument in Ancient China/ A.C. Graham (History of the different philosophical schools of Ancient China.)
  • B5619.G4.G84 1995 An Essay on African Philosophical Thought: The Akan Conceptual Scheme/ Kwame Gyekye. (Philosophical clarification and interpretation of the concepts in the ontology, philosophical psychology, theology and ethics of the Akan of Ghana.)


  • BF108.E85.E865 1995 Contemporary Psychology in Europe: Theory, Research, and Applications/editors James Georgas, Marina Manthouli, Elias Besevegis, and Anna Kokkei. (Distillation of the many streams of current psychology in Europe presented by executives of European psychological organizations and societies.)
  • BF241.B29 1997 Visual Intelligence: Perception, Image and Manipulation in Visual Communication /Ann Marie Barry. (Examination of how we derive meaning from images and the role the media plays in creating images.)


  • BL65.V55.S66 1995 Perspectives on Pacifism: Christian, Jewish, and Muslim Views on Nonviolence and International Conflict/ David R. Smock. (Report of discussions held by participants in a one-day symposium on religious perspectives of pacifism.)
  • BL1900.C5.E5 1996 Basic Writings/ translated by Burton Watson. (Writings of Chuang Tzu , the leading philosopher of the Taoist school of thought.)
  • BL1910.R63 1997 Taoism: Growth of a Religion/ Isabelle Robinet. (Historical survey of Taoism arranged chronologically from the third century B.C. to the fourteenth century A.D. The author feels that religious Taoism is simply the practice of philosophical Taoism.)
  • BL1920.S2813 1993 Taoist Body/ Kristofer Schipper (An introduction to Taoism which not only describes the physical and spiritual elements of Taoism but also describes its traditional practices and everyday activities in China.)
  • BL 2532.R37.C43 1998 Chanting Down Babylon: The Rastafari Reader/ edited by Nathaniel Samuel Murrell, William David Spencer and Adrian Anthony McFarlane. (International scholars describe the history, culture, ideology and evolution of Rastafarianism in Jamaica and throughout the world.)
  • BL2565.N38 2001 Nation Dance: Religion, Identity, and Cultural Difference in the Caribbean/edited by Patrick Taylor (Essays explore the diverse religious traditions of Caribbean religions: Hinduism, Judaism, Islam, Christianity and Santeria, Palo Monte, Voudou, Rastafarianism, Confucianism and others. Theology is examined in a social and political context. The last part of the book examines questions of identity and diaspora.)
  • L2566.T7.H68 1995 Spirits, Blood, and Drums: The Orisha Religion in Trinidad/ James T. Houk (Orisha originated in Nigeria and combines elements of five traditions: African (Yoruba), Catholic, Hindu, Protestant (Spiritual Baptist) and Kabbalah. It is a powerful presence in the social structure, culture and politics of Trinidad.)


  • Ref. CB9.D53 1999 Dictionary of Global Culture/ edited by Kwame Anthony Appiah and Henry Louis Gates Jr.(Devotes equal time to the cultural contributions of the non-Western world alongside those of Europe and North America.)
  • CB235.A33 1996 African Intellectual Heritage: A Book of Sources/ edited by Molefi Kete Asante and Abu S. Abarry.(Compendium of ancient and historical documents from Africa and the countries and cultures of the African diaspora arranged thematically. Includes an African chronology and notes on African sources.)
  • D13.I76 1993 Islamic and European Expansion: The Forging of a Global Order/ edited by Michael Adas (Essays with a cross-cultural approach by prominent historians which examine religion, gender colonialism and economic issues in world history.)
  • D860.G872 2000 Peoples Versus States: Minorities at Risk in the New Century/ Ted Robert Gurr. (Sequel to the study "Minorities at Risk". Surveys the world for signs of conflict between governments and "identity" groups.)
  • DA125.A1.W448 2000 Complexion of Race: Categories of Difference in Eighteenth-Century British Culture/ Roxann Wheeler. (Traces the emergence of skin color as a predominant marker of identity in British thought.)


  • DD222.K67 2000 From Monuments to Traces: Artifacts of German Memory, 1870-1990/ Rudy Koshar. (Follows the evolution of German ‘memory landscapes’ from the period of national unification through world wars, division and reunification.)


  • DJK51.K39 2001 Modern Hatreds: Symbolic Politics of Ethnic War/ Stuart J. Kaufman. (Examines myths and symbols as the roots of ethnic violence in Eastern European countries.)


  • DK32.M18 2000 Russia Under Western Eyes: From the Bronze Horseman to the Lenin Mausoleum/ Martin Malis. (Chronicle of western images of Russia from the time of Peter the Great to the fall of the Soviet Union)
  • DK508.57.R9.L54 1999 Ukraine and Russia: A Fraternal Rivalry/ Anatol Lieven. (Exploration of the complex ethnic and political relationship of Ukraine and Russia.)
  • DK759.C45 K47 2000 Antler on the Sea: The Yup'ik and Chukchi of the Russian Far East/ Anna M. Kerttula (Anthropological study of Sirenki, a Siberian village and the three rival ethnic groups there: the Yup'ik, native hunters of sea mammals; the Chukchi, nomadic reindeer hunters; and Russians of European ancestry enticed by incentive programs to colonize the Russian Far East.)


  • DP96.F8418 1988 El Espejo Enterrado/ Carlos Fuentes. [spanish edition] (Chronicle of the history and culture of Spain and the Spanish-speaking peoples of the Americas.)


  • DR479.E85.K47 2000 Future of Turkish-Western Relations: Toward a Strategic Plan/ Zalmay Khalizad, Ian O. Lesser, F. Stephen Larrabee (Research report of the changing parameters of Turkish-Western relations which includes a suggested agenda for closer strategic cooperation in the U.S.-Turkish-European triangle.)
  • DR1246.B87 1997 Burn This House: The Making and Unmaking of Yugoslavia/ edited by Jasminka Udovicki and James Ridgeway. (Discussion of the history of the Yugoslavs and the roots of the 1991-95 war from the viewpoints of Muslim, Croatian, and Serbian journalists and historians.)


  • DS35.74.H53 1997 Islamic Activism and U.S. Foreign Policy/ Scott W. Hibbard and David Little. (Examination of the nature of Islamic activism and the options for policymakers by a group of policy analysts, practitioners and scholars.)
  • DS38.9.S73 2000 Veils and Daggers: A Century of National Geographic’s Representation of the Arab World/ Linda Steet. (Analysis of the discourses of Orientalism, patriarchy, and primitivism in the magazine’s representation of the Arab world.)
  • DS63.2.E8.L45 2000 Middle East Mosaic: Fragments of Life, Letters and History/selected by Bernard Lewis. (Collection of historical accounts, letters and documents from both European, American and Middle Eastern viewpoints on each other's societies, customs and cultures.)
  • DS154.16.P19.A28 1999 Jordanians, Palestinians and the Hashemite Kingdom in the Middle East Peace Process/ Adnan Abu-Odeh (Exploration of the relationship between Transjordanians and Palestinians from the 1920's to the very latest attempts to cope with competing national identities to sustain a peace process.)
  • DS247.O68.K43 1995 Oman and the World: The Emergence of an Independent Foreign Policy/ Joseph A. Kechichian.( A comprehensive review of Oman's foreign policy and the historical factors which have shaped it over the years.)
  • DS269.B33.S37 2000 Black Tents of Baluchistan/ Philip Carl Salzman. (Anthropological study of the complex history and society of the nomadic Blanch of southeastern Iran, with a comparison to other livestock-rearing mobile peoples of the Middle East, Africa and South Asia.)
  • **DS423.G33 2002 Culture and Customs of India / Carol E. Henderson. (General reference that provides coverage of the land, people, history; religion; world view; art and literature of India. Information on Indian architecture, food and dress, social structure, festivals, leisure activities, arts, social customs and lifestyles are also provided. Written at a high school level. Part of the Culture and Customs of Asia series.)
  • DS 493.9.G84.M344 2001 Love and Honor in the Himalayas: Coming to Know Another Culture/ Ernestine McHugh. (Ethnographic memoir of an American anthropologist among the Gurung people of Nepal and their Buddhist appreciation for equanimity.)
  • DS664.D57 1995 Discrepant Histories: Translocal essays on Filipino Cultures/ edited by Vicente L. Rafael. (Collection of essays written about Filipino culture and history by scholars based in Western English language institutions during the late 1980's to the early 1990's . The essays probe the foundations of the Philippine nation-state and translocal cultures: mestizo social hierarchy, colonial medicine, penal colonies, nationalist desire, diasporic literatures, and gay beauty pageants.)
  • **DS664.R63 2001 Culture and Customs of the Phillipines/ Paul A. Rodell (The wide variety of Philippine traditions is seen in each topic covered: the land, people, history, religion and thought, literature and art, architecture, cuisine and fashion. The book also covers gender, marriage and family; festivals, media, film, and leisure activities, the arts, social customs, and lifestyles. Includes a historical, geographical and economic overview. Part of the Culture and Customs of Asia series.)
  • DS775.2.M63 2000 Modern Chinese Literary and Cultural Studies in the Age of Theory: Reimagining a Field/ edited by Rey Chow. (Examination of Chinese literature, art, film, popular culture, history, migration, and literary and cultural criticism by an international group of scholars.)
  • DS721.H71114 1999 Encountering the Chinese: A Guide for Americans/ Hu Wenzhong and Cornelius Grove. (Practical and sensitive cross-cultural analysis of Chinese culture as well as insights on how best to communicate and interact with the people of China.)
  • CMC DS799.5.T72 1985 Traditional Chinese Celebrations: Continuity and Change in Taiwan/ [Wendy L. Wong] (Includes background information on Taiwan, lesson plans, and a slideshow about the Lantern Festival, Tomb Sweeping Day, Dragon Boat Festival, and the Moon Festival.)
  • CMC DS821.C66 1990 Cooperation in Japan: Elementary Literature Series, Part I-Grades Kindergarten-Third/ developed by Gary Mukai, The Japan Project. (Includes lesson plans, audiotape and slideshow based on the Japanese children's book, Oyoge Ooki na Koinobori [Fly, Big Carp Streamer] about the celebration of Children's Day.)


  • DT19.A3 1993 Africa and the Disciplines: The Contributions of Research in Africa to the Social Sciences and Humanities/ edited by Robert H. Bates, V.Y. Mudimbe and Jean O’Barr. (Traces the impact of research in Africa on the disciplines of anthropology, economics, political science, philosophy, art history, world history and literature.)
  • DT30.5.A3545 2000 Africa in World Politics: The African State System in Flux /edited by John W. Harbeson, Donald Rothchild. (Addresses the interrelationship of Africa and global politics and their effect on one another. Also covers the variety of changing state systems in the continent.)
  • DT38.7.D36 1991 Beyond Safaris: A Guide to Building People-to-People Ties With Africa/ Kevin Danaher. (Directory of global exchange programs available in Africa for students, volunteers, travelers, corporate and government workers.)
  • **DT70.A83 2002 Culture and Customs of Egypt/Molefi K. Asante(Asante, a noted scholar provides an overview of the land, people, history, education, tourism, religion, art and architecture, food, social customs and lifestyles, literature, media, cinema, and performing arts of Egypt. Part of the Culture and Customs of Africa series.)
  • CMC DT 428.5.M87 1995 What Do We Need to Live on Planet Earth? : A Case Study of Traditional Rural Life in East Africa : A Curriculum Unit for History and Social Studies Grades 2-4 / developed by Carol Murphey and Kendra R. Wallace. (Examines survival through the Masai and Kikiyu tribes of East Africa)
  • **DT510.4.S25 2002 Culture and Customs of Ghana/Steven J. Salm (Narrative on the cultural life and institutions in Ghana which have been influenced by a long history of Islamic and European contact. The book also covers recent changes in the cultural landscape. Part of the Culture and Customs of Africa series)
  • **DT515.4 .F35 2001 Culture and Customs of Nigeria. / Toyin Falola (Falola, Nigerian historian of renown, provides an up-to-date discussion of Nigerian culture that introduces to a Western audience the complexity of its society and the emerging lifestyles among its various peoples, comprising over 250 ethnic groups. Part of the Culture and Customs of Africa series.)
  • **DT649 .M85 2002 Culture and Customs of the Congo / Tshilemalema Mukenge. (This work contains information about Congolese geography, economy, politics and history from the slave trade to dictatorship. It also includes information on ancestral religions and changes wrought by western faiths. Coverage includes information on the ancestral literary heritage of the Congo as well as a survey of the arts, lifestyle, life events, and traditional and modern music and dance. Part of the Culture and Customs of Africa series. )
  • DT1949.R36.A3 1999 Across Boundaries: The Journey of a South African Woman Leader/ Mamphela Ramphele. (Memoir of the South African doctor, activist, university president, and colleague and lover of Steven Biko.)
  • **DT2908 .O96 2002 Culture and Customs of Zimbabwe/ Oyekan Owomoyela (Contains a range of information from n explanation of the beer culture to a discussion of marriage, family, and gender roles from the Zimbabwean perspective. The author also conveys the coexistence of traditional and Western forces today in such areas as religion and music. A chronology and glossary accompany the text Part of the Culture and Customs of Africa series. )


  • E158.A46 1988 American Ways: A Guide for Foreigners in the United States/ Gary Althen. (Cultural guide to U.S. customs, communicative styles and relationships written for non-Americans


  • E183.8.C5 T856 2000 Turning Bricks: Critical Incidents for Mutual Understanding Among Chinese and Americans/Mary Margaret Wang, Richard W. Brislin, Wei-zhong Wang, David Williams , and Julie Haiyan Chao. (Collection of forty-one actual incidents of cultural misunderstanding, with discussions of possible solutions.)
  • E183.8.J3.M55 2001 Leaving Japan: Observations On the Dysfunctional U.S.-Japan Relationship/ Mike Millard. (Narrative of short vignettes that are interwoven with interviews and personal reflections of an American writer who lived in Japan for eleven years. )


  • E184.A65.S48 1997 Bint Arab: Arab and Arab American Women in the United States / Evelyn Shakir. (Historical survey of Arab women in the United States from the 19th century to the present.)
  • E184.A1.H214 2000 Shopping for Identity: The Marking of Ethnicity/ Marilyn Halter. (Examines the theory that as immigrant groups gain economic security they tend to reinforce their ethnic identification by shopping and exercising their purchasing power with consequent effects on the marketplace and economy.)
  • E184.L34.A25 1997 Children of the Roomje: A Family's Journey from Lebanon/ Elmaz Abinder. (Chronicle of four generations of a Lebanese-American family, the conflicts between their cultural traditions and their assimilation in the U.S, and stories of those they left behind to endure war, famine, epidemics and family rivalries.)
  • E184.06.A28 1999 Across the Pacific: Asian Americans and Globalization/ edited by Evelyn Hu-DeHart. (Eight essays explore how transnational relationships and interactions in Asian American communities are articulated within the international context of the Pacific Rim. Topics covered include cultural dislocation, assimilation, the impact of new migrations on Asian American politics, and Asian American activism and U.S. foreign policy.)
  • E184.O6.L48 1998 Orientals: Asian Americans in Popular Culture/ Robert G. Lee. (Historical survey of Asian-Americans in the United States with deconstructions of popular music, movies and personalities to show the creation of Asian-American stereotypes.)


  • Ref. E185.S574 1998 Atlas of African-American History and Politics: From the Slave Trade to Modern Times/ Arwin D. Smallwood with Jeffrey M. Elliot. (Visual history of African-American history and politics from 900 A.D. to the present. Includes survey of African ancient history, the diaspora and American exploration, enslavement, rebellion, freedom and religious and political movements.)
  • E185.61.B474 1998 Between Race and Empire: African - Americans and Cubans Before the Cuban Revolution/ edited by Lisa Brock and Digna Castaneda Fuertes. (Scholars from the United States and Cuba present eleven essays that trace the relations and racial perspectives of Cubans and African-Americans from the abolitionist era to the Cuban Revolution of 1959.)
  • E185.615.W493 1998 Seeing a Color-blind Future: The Paradox of Race/ Patricia J. Williams. (Five Reith lectures, which examine the part race and racial beliefs, play in our culture and a prescription for anti-racism.)
  • E185.97.P94.A3 1990 A Black Woman's Odyssey through Russia and Jamaica: the Narrative of Nancy Prince (Nineteenth century memoir of a well traveled African-American woman from New England. Prince's husband, who was also African-American, was a member of Tsar Alexander's court during the years 1825-33. In 1840 after her husband's death, Prince went to post-emancipation Jamaica as a missionary. )


  • F1210.C658 1997 Good Neighbors: Communicating with Mexicans/ John C. Condon. (Comparison of the cultures of Mexico and the United States, the misperceptions the inhabitants of these countries have of one another and suggestions for bridging the gap.)
  • F1210.C65818 1988 Buenos Vecinos: Communicandose con los mexicanos/ John C. Condon (Spanish edition of Good Neighbors: Communicating with Mexicans.)


  • **F1466.5.S52 2001 Culture and Customs of Guatemala / Maureen E. Shea.(The blend of Mayan and Ladino (Spanish speaking )cultural identities that shape Guatemala today permeates the author's discussion of history, religion, social customs, media, literature, cinema, performing arts, and contemporary art. Part of the Culture and Customs of Latin America and the Caribbean series)


  • **F1483 .B64 200 Culture and Customs of El Salvador / Roy C. Boland (Overview of the smallest Hispanic country in the Western Hemisphere's history of wars and devastating earthquakes. Contains information about the land, history, people, economy, religion, education, traditional culture, popular entertainment, literature, media, and the arts. Part of the Culture and Customs of Latin America and the Caribbean series.)


  • **F1548 .H45 2000 Culture and Customs of Costa Rica / Chalene Helmuth
    Includes discussions of the biodiversity, ethnic makeup, history, education policies, and women's roles of Costa Rica. Also contains information indigenous faiths and Catholicism, as well as national traits, cuisine, family roles, media, literature, the arts and sports. Part of the Culture and Customs of Latin America and the Caribbean series.)


  • **F1787 .L945 2000 Culture and Customs of Cuba / William Luis Provides detailed insight into Cuban culture in its historical context, religion, customs, economy, media, performing and creative arts, and cinema. Included in this discussion are contributions of Cubans in exile which the author considers an inherent part of Cuban culture. Part of the Culture and Customs of Latin America and the Caribbean series.)
  • F1789.N3.C37 2000 Reyita: The life of a Black Cuban Woman in the Twentieth Century as told to her Daughter Daisy Rubiera Castillo /Maria de los Reyes Castillo Bueno. (Ninety years of the life of a Cuban woman known as “Reyita”. Begins with an account of the abduction of Reyita’s grandmother from Africa.)


  • **F1874 .M67 2001 Culture and Customs of Jamaica / Martin Mordecai and Pamela Mordecai (Focuses on the people, history, religion, education, language, social customs, media and cinema, literature, music, and performing and visual arts of Jamaica. Also contains information on Jamaican Creole and the Jamaican education system. Part of the Culture and Customs of Latin America and the Caribbean series.)


  • **F1938.45 .B76 1999 Culture and customs of the Dominican Republic / Isabel Zakrzewski Brown(Contains chapters on the land, its history, and people; religions; social customs; media and film; literature; performing arts; architecture, art, sculpture, and photography. Attention is also given to the Dominican community in New York City, the Dominacanyors". Part of the Culture and Customs of Latin America and the Caribbean series.)


  • F1976.D38 1987 Sponsored Identities: Cultural Politics in Puerto Rico/ Arlene M. Davila. (Focuses on the creation of a national identity by government and other agencies and the effect of commercialism.)


  • **F1982.2 .D37 2001 Culture and Customs of Haiti / J. Michael Dash (Covers the evolution of this diverse society through discussions of the Haitian people, history, religion, social customs, media, literature and language, and performing and visual arts. Includes a section on writing in Creole. Part of the Culture and Customs of Latin America and the Caribbean series.)


  • **F2326 .D55 2001 Culture and Customs of Venezuela / Mark Dinneen (Authoritative overviews of the land, economy, people, and history; religions; social customs; media; cinema; literature; performing arts; and art and architecture of this oil-rich nation. Part of the Culture and Customs of Latin America and the Caribbean series.)


  • **F2279 .W55 1999 Culture and Customs of Colombia / Raymond Leslie Williams and Kevin G. Guerrieri. (The authors highlight the most notable aspects of contemporary Colombian culture including coffee production, Nobel Laureate Gabriel Garcia Marquez, painter Fernando Botero, vallenato music. Introduces Colombia's history, geography, and economy, and the importance of the formalities of Catholicism in daily and civic life, as well as the significance of traditional foods and clothing. Part of the Culture and Customs of Latin America and the Caribbean series.)


  • **F3099 .C286 2000 Culture and Customs of Chile / Guillermo I. Castillo-Feliú Contains chapters on history and people, religion, social customs, broadcasting and print media, literature, performing arts, fine arts and architecture. It also has a chronology and appendix of the Spanish of Chile. Part of the Culture and Customs of Latin America and the Caribbean series)
  • F3285.J4.A35 1998 Always From Somewhere Else: A Memoir of My Chilean Jewish Father/ Marjorie Agosin. (Companion to A Cross and A Star: Memoirs of a Jewish Girl in Chile. Recounts the story of the author's father's life and his family's migration from Odessa to Istanbul to Marseilles to Chile and finally to the United States.)


  • **F3448 .F37 2003 Culture and Customs of Peru / César Ferreira and Eduardo Dargent-Chamot (Surveys the breadth of Peru's culture from pre-Columbian times to today. Examines the progress toward social integration of the Indian and Hispanic populations. The authors illustrate how the diverse geography of the country--the Andes, coast, and jungle--has also had a role in shaping cultural and social expression, from history to art. Part of the Culture and Customs of Latin America and the Caribbean series)


  • **F3738 .H34 2000 Culture and Customs of Ecuador / Michael Handelsman. Presents an overview of the history, religious institutions, literature, social customs, cinema, media, and visual and performing arts of Ecuador. Presents Ecuadorian society as a blend of pre-Colombian, colonial, modern, and postmodern cultural forces. Part of the Culture and Customs of Latin America and the Caribbean series.)


  • G465.S627 2001 Moving Live: 20th Century Women's Travel Writing/ Sidonie Smith (Examines the impact of technological advances in transportation on women's live and in their changing concepts of femininity, boundaries, personal space and freedom through their personal narratives. Includes essays on the work of Anne Morrow Lindbergh, Amelia Earthart, Beryl Markham, Alexandra David-Neel and others.
  • **Ref. G1046.P97.B34 2001 The Penguin Atlas of Media and Information/Mark Balnaves, James Donald and Stephanie Hemelryk Donald (An accessible and visually engaging global review of the state of media and information services at the end of the twentieth century. Information is concisely presented in maps, charts and tables . There are not many statistics on developing countries.)
  • **Ref. G1046.R1.S65 2003 The Penguin Atlas of War and Peace/Dan Smith (An accessible and visually engaging global review of the global wars, disagreements, conflicts and disputes, with concise background information. Information is presented with the aid of cleverly designed maps, charts and graphs.)


  • GN320.H328 1989 Cows, Pigs, War and Witches: The Riddles of Culture/ Marvin Harris. (Explanations of taboos, beliefs and practices of different cultural groups.)
  • GN496.C33 2000 Identifying Potential Ethnic Conflict: Application of a Process Model/ edited by Thomas S Szayna. (Outlines a theoretical model for anticipating the occurrence of communitarian strife and applies the model to two retrospective case studies, Yugoslavia and South Africa and two prospective case studies, Ethiopia and Saudi Arabia.)
  • GN496.G87 1993 Minorities at Risk: A Global View of Ethnopolitical Conflicts /Ted Robert Gurr. (Analysis of ethnopolitical conflict in every region of the globe to provide a comprehensive survey of 233 politically active communal groups.)
  • GN502.H36 1997 v.3 Handbook of Cross Cultural Psychology-Volume 3-Social Behavior and Applications. 2nd. edition/edited by John Berry, Marshall H.Segall, Cigdem Kagitcibasi. (Sequel to volume 5 [Social] and volume 6 [Psycho pathology] of the first edition of the Handbook of Cross Cultural Psychology. )
  • GN502.H86 1999 Human Behavior in Perspective: An Introduction to Cross-Cultural Psychology/ Marshall H. Segall, Pierre R. Dasen, John W. Berry, Ype H. Poortinga. (Essays on gender, cognition, acculturation, and development which demonstrate that human behavior is linked with the socio-cultural context in which it occurs.)
  • **GN 650.S65 A34 2001 Culture and Customs of Somalia/, Mohamed Diriye Abdullahi (Highlights include discussion of handcrafts and artisanry, distinctive architecture and nomad housing, camel culture, intriguing food and eating customs, rites of passage, leisure and economic pursuits, education, and the Somali musical genres. Also contains a chronology, glossary, and numerous photos. Part of the Customs and Cultures of Africa series.)
  • **GN659.K4 .S63 2003 Culture and Customs of Kenya/ N. W. Sobania (Narrative overviews highlighting Kenyan history, as well as the beliefs, vibrant cultural expressions, and various lifestyles and roles of the Kenyan population. Chapters on the land, people, and history; religion and worldview; literature, film, and media; art and architecture; cuisine and traditional dress; gender roles, marriage, and family; and social customs and lifestyle are up to date and written by a country expert. Part of the Customs and Cultures of Africa series.)
  • Juv. 301.2.C225 Cannibal In the Mirror / Paul Fleishman. (Quotations and illustrations from historical documents describing the activities of “primitive cultures” are paired with photographs of contemporary U.S. cultural practices.)


  • CMC GR335.R33 1995 The Rabbit In the Moon: Folktales From China and Japan a curriculum unit for upper elementary grades. (Collection of lesson plans, activities and a slideshow based on eight Chinese and Japanese folktales that introduce students to different world perspectives and similarities of other cultures to their own.)


  • GT498.F66.W36 2000 Aching for Beauty: Footbinding in China/ Wang Ping. (Examines the relationship of footbinding to Chinese culture, violence, sex, and language.)
  • GT2295.A35.H35 2000 Hair in African Art and Culture/ edited by Roy Sieber and Frank Herreman. (Field photographs and sculptures sample the rich variety of hair arrangements past and present in African life and art. Includes commentary on African-American hair and art.)


  • GV863.25.A1.J26 2000 Full Count: Inside Cuban Baseball /Milton H. Jamail. (Provides a framework for understanding importance and organization of Cuban baseball and its utilization by Fidel Castro as a unifying nationalistic force.)


  • **CMC H62.5.C27 S62 2002 Social Studies Through Discovery /(Jamaican teacher's handbookwithlesson plans.)
  • **HF1359 .W39 1995 Globalization / Malcolm Waters. (Guide to the concept of globalization in social theory and the social, economic and political consequences of globalization.)


  • HB501.H466 1995 Triumph of the Market: Essays on Economics, Politics, and the Media/ Edward S. Herman. (Collection of essays that examine the increasing national and global power and the reach of the market and its growing impact on all aspects of human from the Persian Gulf War to reparations .)
  • HB2114.A3.S65 1999 Contesting Citizenship in Urban China: Peasant Migrants, the State and the Logic of the Market/Dorothy J. Soling. (Study of the Chinese peasant migration to cities during the transition from socialism in the early 1980's to the late 1990's, and their marginalization in urban life.)
  • HC59.15.B74 1998 Global Village or Global Pillage: Economic Reconstruction from the Bottom Up/Jeremy Brecher and Tim Costello. (Critique of the new economic world order which offers evidence that economic globalization largely benefits the affluent and harms the less affluent.)
  • Ref. HC59.8.G73 2000/01 Grants for Foreign and International Programs/Foundation Center ( Covers grants to organizations in foreign countries and to U.S. domestic recipients for international activities.)


  • HC427.92.O35 1999 Rural China Takes Off: Institutional Foundations of Economic Reform/Jean C. Oi. (Study of the rural industrialization in China during the 1980’s and how institutional changes, altering fiscal flows and property rights prompted local officials to pursue rapid industrial growth.)
  • HC462.9.J3283 1993 Japanese Cities in the World Economy/edited by Kuniko Fujita and Richard Child Hill. (Essays on the urban and industrial development of Japan's largest cities.)


  • HD30.2.M365 1996 Managing Knowledge: Perspectives on Cooperation and Competition/edited by Georg von Krogh and Johan Roos. (Examination of current research on management of knowledge and knowledge transfer between and within organizations)
  • HD62.4.R 36 1999 Prism of Globalization: Corporate Responses to the Dollar /Subramanian Rangan and Robert Z. Lawrence. (Examination of international pricing, sourcing and trade responses of multi-national enterprises to shifts in the dollar)
  • HD78.S34 1999 New Perspectives on Economic Growth and Technological Innovation / F .M. Scherer. (Traces the evolution of economic growth theory from the Industrial Revolution to the present and examines the effect of technological change.)
  • HD1691.E43 1999 Hydropolitics in the Third World: Conflict and Cooperation in International River Basins/ Arun P. Elhance. (Examination of the physical, economic and political geography of six of the world's largest river basins, the possibilities for conflict and the efforts to develop agreements for sharing water resources.)
  • HD2336.T28.H75 1996 Living Rooms as Factories: Class, Gender, and the Satellite Factory System in Taiwan/ Ping-Chun Hsiung. (Study of the experiences of married women who work in the small-scale subcontracting factories of Taiwan and how their work and family lives have contributed to the GNP growth over the last three decades.)
  • HD5660.989.T43 1992 Technological Change and Co-Determination in Sweden/ Ake Sandberg, Gunnar Broms, Arne Grip, Lars Sundstrom, Jesper Steen, Peter Ullmark. (Examines how labor unions and corporations negotiate and cooperate on job design, computerization and technological change in the workplace.)
  • HD6057.5.U5.P84 1996 Puerto Rican Women and Work: Bridges in Transnational Labor/edited by Altagracia Ortiz. (Chronologically arranged essays offering historical, ethnographic and statistical information on Puerto Rican women writers in Puerto Rico and the United States.)
  • HD6073.C62.P164 1994 Global Production: The Apparel Industry on the Pacific Rim/edited by Edna Bonacich et. al..( Examines the social and political consequences of the globalization of the apparel industry in Asia, Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean and the United States and the role of workers especially women.)


  • **HD 7287.95.C67 1999 No Trespassing!: Squatting, Rent Strikes, and Land Struggles Worldwide/ Anders Corr (Cross-cultural global look at the story of property struggle from the perspective of the homeless or landless participant. Considers the arguments for and against squatting in both urban and agricultural settings. The book contains examples of successes of movements organized by religious, social or economic groups. The different tactics employed such as legal remedies, political remedies, mass media campaigns or violent revolts are also described.)


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  • P118.2.S433 1995 Second Language Acquisition in a Study Abroad Context/edited by Barbara F. Freed. (Studies of second language acquisition of Australian, Canadian, Irish and U.S. secondary and college students in different types of immersion settings in study abroad programs in Japan, Russia, Spain and Latin America.)
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  • **P119.32.U6.D45 2003 Language Rights and the Law in the United States: Finding Our Voices/ Sandra Del Valle (Guide to language rights and legal issues in the United States. Includes exploration of the history of bilingual education, political and legal struggles in New York and California and accent discrimination.)
  • P119.32.U6.S36 2000 Language Policy and Identity Politics in the United States/ Ronald Schmidt,Sr. (Considers how issues of education, linguistic access to political and civil rights, and English as the official language are centrally tied to understandings of national identity.)
  • CMC P199.32.U6 N48 1999 New Jersey World Languages Curriculum Framework: a document in support of the core curriculum content standards for world languages.
  • **P120.N37.D38 2003 Native Speaker: Myth and Reality/Alan Davies (This work considers a range of views and concepts of the native speaker. The author examines the psycholinguistic, linguistic and sociolinguistic aspects of the native speaker. He also investigates the Critical Period hypothesis, the role of the Standard Language, and the kinds of language [metalinguistic, discriminating, communicational and skills] of native speakers.)
  • P129 .P46 2001 Critical Applied Linguistics: A Critical Introduction/ Alastair Pennycook (The author describes his innovative approach to critical questions in language education, literacy, discourse analysis, language in the workplace, translation, and other language-related domains.)


  • PB36.N46 1998 Next Steps for Languages Across the Curriculum: Prospects, Problems and Promise/ edited by Robert E. Shoenberg and Barbara Turlington. (Reflections on the nature, status and intellectual potential of languages across the curriculum in higher education. Includes outlines of existing higher education project activities.)


  • PC1073.75.T67 2001 Language and Society ion a Changing Italy/ Arturo Tosi. (Covers the interrelation between language and society in contemporary Italy, and provides an up-to- date account of linguistic diversity, social variation, special codes and language varieties within Italian society, and in situations of language contact both within and outside Italy.)
  • PC4068.U5.L36 1993 Language and Culture in Learning: Teaching Spanish to Native Speakers of Spanish/edited by Barbara J. Merino, Henry T. Trueba and Fabian A. Samaniego. (Latino scholars examine the relationship of language and culture to learning through linguistic theory, pedagogical approaches, and case studies of successful curriculum development and teaching effectiveness.)


  • **PE64.N34.A3 2003 Reading Lolita in Tehran/ Azar Nafisi (True story of young women, former college students who met at their professor's house in the Islamic Republic of Iran each week to read and talk about forbidden works of Western literature, such as Pride and Prejudice, Daisy Miller, Washington Square, and Lolita. )
  • PE1128.A2.S5994 2000 Sociopolitics of English Language Teaching/edited by Joan Kelly Hall and William G. Eggington. (Considers the influences of language polices, cultural expectations about teachers and students, perceptions of ethnic and national identities and the roles of English and other languages in the classroom.)
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  • **PJ6074.S25 2003 Women, Gender and Language in Morocco /Fatima Sadiqui (Covers the relationship between women, gender and language in Morocco, a Muslim, multilingual, multicultural, and developing country. Theoretical, political, social issues and differences within the society are examined as well as the grammatical, semantic and pragmatic androcentricity of Moroccan languages.)


  • PK5461.S52 1994 Slate of Life: More Contemporary Stories by Women Writers of India/ edited by Kali for Women ( Anthology from ten Indian writers which offer a vibrant and varied mosaic of Indian life and literature. Sequel to Truth Tales: Contemporary Stories by Women Writers of India.)
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  • PJ7858.A76,M3513 1995 Rites of Assent: Two Novellas/Abd al-Hakim Qasim. (Includes “Al-Mahdi”, the story of Awadallah, an impoverished Coptic umbrella maker forced to convert to Islam and “Good News from the Afterlife”, the interweaving of a young boy’s thoughts with those of a dead man being judged by the Islamic angels of death.)
  • PJ7862.A3 J3613 1998 Innocence of the Devil/ Nawal El Saadawi. (Nawal El Saadawi, Egypt’s foremost feminist writer, examines the role of women in Muslim society in this novel.)


  • PL271.E8.S54 1994 Short Stories by Turkish Women Writers/translated by Nilufer Mizanoglu Reddy. (Collection of works by Turkish women born after 1923. Contains brief overview of Turkish women’s literary history with biographical notes of the writers included.)


  • CMC PL1065.D45 1995 Demystifying the Chinese Language: A Curriculum Unit for Elementary and Secondary Levels (A curriculum unit that explores the common principles the Chinese language shares with English.)
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  • **CMC PM7874.J3.P66 1993 From Jamaican Creole to Standard English: A Handbook for Teachers/ Velma Pollard (Originally developed for Jamaican schools, this handbook covers an overview of Jamaican Creole, word lists, definitions, grammar, idioms and suggestions for teaching English and composition. Also includes literary selections by Jamaican authors.)


  • PN1992.6.S73 1998 Rise of the Image the Fall of the Word/ Mitchell Stephens. (The author asserts that the moving image is likely to create more robust thoughts in a refutation of cultural critics who deplore the corrosive effects of electronic media. Contains an overview of previous communications revolutions.)
  • PN1993.5.L3.V58 2000 Visible Nations: Latin American Cinema and Video/edited by Chon A. Noriega. (Exploration of different national film and alternative video histories of Mexico, Chile, Venezuela, Brazil, Colombia and Cuba from the silent era to the present.)
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  • PN849.U52.M85 2000 The Multilingual Anthology of American Literature: A Reader of Original Texts With English Translations/edited by Marc Shell and Werner Sollors. (Collection of American writings in diverse languages, Arabic, Spanish, Swedish and Yiddish and others, with the original text on one page and the translation on the facing page.)
  • PQ1170.E6 F68 1986 Defiant Muse: French Feminist Poems from the Middle Ages to the Present: A bilingual Anthology/edited by Domna C. Stanton ( Collection of fifty-eight French feminist poems by more than thirty-five poets with translations adjacent to the original)
  • PQ3939.A3 S5 1998 Sitt Marie Rose, a novel/ Etel Adnan. (Story of a woman abducted during the civil war in Lebanon which explores the complex cultural and political dimensions of the conflict.)
  • **PQ3949.Z6.R813 1997 Black Shack Alley/Joseph Zobel (Translation of La rue cases-negres. Inspired by Richard Wright's Black Boy, the author wrote an autobiographical novel of his youth in Martinique. This book was the basis of the film Sugar Cane Alley [V1589].)
  • **PQ3949.2.C65.Z46413 2001 Tales From the Heart: True Stories of My Childhood / Maryse Conde (Short but powerful reminiscences of the Guadeloupean author which reflect her French, Caribbean and African heritages and experiences.)
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  • PQ6041.R43 2000 Reading and Writing the Ambiente: Queer Sexualities in Latino, Latin American, and Spanish Culture/edited by Susana Chavez-Silverman and Librada Hernandez. (Collection of essays in which leading literary scholars trace gay and lesbian themes in Latin American, Hispanic and U.S. Latino literary and cultural texts.)
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  • PQ8098.1.L54.Z47 1996 Paula/ Isabel Allende. [edicion en espanol] (An imaginative family memoir and history which blends magic and reality, written for the author’s comatose daughter.)
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  • PR9205.05.C48 1997 Searching for Safe Spaces: Afro-Caribbean Women Writers in Exile/Myriam J.A. Chancy. (Examination of the works and philosophies of Anglophone Afro-Caribbean female writers in Canada , the United States and Britain with regard to race, class, gender, sexuality and nationality.)
  • PR9265.9.C49.T7 1999 True History Of Paradise: A Novel/ Margaret Cezair-Thompson (Fictional story of a young Jamaican woman who examines her life and that of her multi-racial, multi-ethnic ancestors over the course of a personally and politically traumatic weekend.)
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  • PR9272.9.H6.C7 2000 Crick Crack Monkey/Merle Hodge. (Novel of a Trinidadian girl's childhood in which she lives in the two separate social and economic worlds of her middle class aunt, Beatrice and her working class aunt, Tantie.)
  • PR9369.3.N4. A8 1999 And They Didn't Die/Lauretta Ngcobo. (Political novel set in the Sabelweni valley of South Africa about a rural community of women who oppose apartheid as they care for their children, land and cattle while their husbands labor in distant mines and cities. )
  • PR9369.3.W53.Y6 2000 You Can't Get Lost in Cape Town /Zoe Widcomb. ( Coming-of-age story of a young South African colored woman during the mid 1950's to the mid 1980's and the interplay of cultural and racial identities that defined her life.)
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  • **PR9390.9.D36.N47 2003 Nervous Conditions/ Titsi Dangarembga (A wrenching chronicle of the coming of age of Tambu, a teenage girl in 1960s Rhodesia and her relationship with her British-educated cousin, Nyasha. With irony and skill, Dangarembga explores the struggle of two young women to liberate themselves in a society still suffering the effects of colonization. Includes an interview with the author.)
  • PR9484.6.L36 1998 Cast Me Out If You Will: Stories and Memoir /Lalthambika Antherjanam (Short stories and memoir excerpts about Indian women and their lives in a conservative culture written by a Brahmin feminist and social activist.)
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  • PS338.N4.E38 2000 In Search of a Model for African-American Drama: A Study of Selected Plays by Lorraine Hansberry, Amiri Baraka, and Ntozake Shange/ Philip Uko Effiong. (Examines the African-American quest for a historically, culturally, and sociopolitically influenced theatrical model.)
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  • RA418.5.T73.G37 1998 Managing Diversity in Health Care/ Lee Gardenswartz and Anita Rowe. (Handbook that encourages increased cultural sensitivity and responsiveness to coworkers and patients. Contains practical information, effective strategies, models and checklists.)
  • RA4128.5.T73.G76 1996 Culture and the Clinical Encounter: An Intercultural Sensitizer for the Health Professions/ Rena C. Gropper. (Training tool consisting of brief descriptions of cross-cultural conflicts or problems in a clinical context for which the reader must choose the best of four possible explanations.)


  • U21.75.W58 1997 Wives and Warriors: Women and the Military in the united States and Canada/ Edited by Laurie Weinstein and Christine C. White (Examines the lives of military wives and those of female warriors and ways in which the Canadian and U.S. military constructs gender to exclude women being respected as men's equals.)


  • UA853.K6.L48 1999 Shape of Korea's Future: South Korean Attitudes Toward Unification and Long-Term Security Issues/ Norman D. Levin. (Report of two polls of South Korean attitudes administered in 1996 and 1999 to assess changes over time of how Koreans perceive themselves and other world powers.)


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  • Z688.A54.A48 1989 Africana Resources and Collections: Three Decades of Development and Achievement: A Festschrift in Honor of Hans Panofsky/ edited by Julian Witherall. (Essays on the history, development and maintenance of Africana collections.)
  • Z1002.F9 1996 Future of the Book/edited by Geoffrey Nunberg. (Essays considering the future of digital technologies and their effect on printed books, libraries and bookstores and traditional publishers, and the social and cultural dislocations which may result. )


  • Text 468.24. H919e En Camino: Holt Spanish Level 1B textbook and teacher's edition (Spanish language textbook series for middle - school students. Gives students the opportunity to experience the Spanish-speaking world and learn the language just as if they were living there. Covers the Spanish culture and traditions of Ecuador, Texas and Puerto Rico. The Ven Conmigo series continues the instruction.)
  • Text 468.24. H919eresources v.1-7En Camino: Holt Spanish Level 1B textbook and teacher's edition (Includes assessment, testing program, listening activities, workbooks, etc.)
  • Text 468.24. H919v Ven Conmigo: Holt Spanish Level 1Textbook and teacher's edition (Spanish language textbook series for middle - school students. Gives students the opportunity to experience the Spanish-speaking world and learn the language just as if they were living there. Covers the Spanish culture and traditions of Spain, Mexico, Florida, Ecuador, Texas, and Puerto Rico. Continues instruction begun in the El Camino textbook series)
  • Text 468.24. H919v resource v.1-9Ven Conmigo: Holt Spanish Level 1-resources (Includes workbooks, assessments, activities for communication and listening, lesson planner, etc.)
  • Text 920.0002.A191I I am (Yo) / Alma Flor Ada and E. Isabel Campoy (Grade K biography component of Puertas al Sol/ Gateways to the Sun bilingual text collection. Contains poetry, questions and fill-in sheets to assist students in creating journals. English volume)


  • **Juv.294.5.G145m My First Book of Krishna Stories / Sandra Gajraj-Maharaj, (Introduction to Hindu gods for young children, includes glossary of Hindu names and words.)
  • Juv.296.4.K49d Dance Sing Remember: A celebration of Jewish Holidays/Kimmelman, Leslie(Explanations of each of the Jewish holidays with stories,recipes,activities and a song)
  • Juv. 297.36.K41i Id-ul-Fitr/ Rosalind Kerven (Background information on the Muslim religion and this special holiday, the last day of Ramadan)
  • Juv. 301.2.C225 Cannibal In the Mirror / Paul Fleishman. (Quotations and illustrations from historical documents describing the activities of “primitive cultures” are paired with photographs of contemporary U.S. cultural practices.)
  • Juv.301.451.w7874m Marcus Teaches Us/ Eleanor Wint (Biography of Marcus Garvey for the very young child.)
  • Juv. 326.92.E64v Amazing Adventures of Equiano/ Jean-Jacques Vayssieres (Biography of the famous enslaved African who won his freedom written by a Haitian author in the form of a graphic novel.)
  • Juv. 341.13.C353f For Every Child: the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child / Caroline Castle (Picture book with simplified text of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. A different internationally renowned artist illustrates each right.)
  • Juv.362.73.L676I I Love You Like Crazy Cakes/ Rose Lewis (Picture book story of the adoption of a Chinese baby by a woman in the United States. The story is told in language a child can understand from the perspective of the adoptive mother. Based on the author's experience. The book ends with the Chinese character for love.)
  • Juv. 393.9.A481b Barrilete: A Kite for day of the Dead /Elisa Amado ( A little boy in Guatemala prepares a kite as part of the celebrations for the Day of the Dead. Text in English with some Spanish words and their definitions)
  • **Juv. 394.2.B812c Caribbean Festivals/ Cherryl Bradshaw (Covers West Indian festivals derived from African, Asian and French cultural traditions such as Phagwa, Divali, LaRose, Jonkonnu, Hosay and Crop Over.)
  • Juv.394.261 .W873t This Next New Year/Janet S. Wong.(Customs of people from different Asian countriesin the New year's celebration.)
  • Juv. 395.3.F911h How My Parents Learned to Eat/ Ina R. Friedman (A young girl recounts how her American father learned to eat with chopsticks and how her American mother learned to eat with a knife and fork. Examines cultural differences between Americans, Japanese and the English.)
  • **Juv. 398.2.A533 Anansesem: A Collection of Folk Tales, Legends and Poems for Juniors/Velma Pollard (Collection of West Indian folklore and poetry with an appendix containing a note to teachers.)
  • Juv. 398.2.C976t A Tiger by the Tail and Other Stories from the Heart of Korea/ retold by Lindy Soon Curry (Collection of Korean tales grouped according to the following: tales similar to Western fairy tales, stories that illustrate Korean values, stories that can be used to teach public speaking and dramatization, tiger tales and tall tales.)
  • Juv. 398.2.M367t Tales from the Heart of the Balkans/ retold by Bonnie C. Marshall (Collection of tales from Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro), Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Slovenia. The collection includes a historical , cultural and linguistic overview of the region.)
  • Juv. 398.2.N43l Nelson Mandela's Favorite African Folk Tales/ edited by Nelson Mandela. (Mandela, the Nobel Laureate for Peace, has selected 32 African stories for this anthology of Africa's oldest folk tales. The book also includes a map of the location of each of the tales and notes about the collector and illustrators of the tales.)
  • **Juv. 398.2.P253s Salt and Roti: Indian Folk Tales of the Caribbean: a First Collection/ Kenneth Vidia Parmasad (Collection of Indo-Trinidadian rural folk tales.)
  • Juv. 398.2.S733j Jasmine and Coconuts: South Indian Tales / Cathy Spagnoli and Paramasivam Samanna. (Folktales, activities and cultural information on South India Tales are grouped according to themes,which could be used for character education.)
  • Juv. 398.2.S837L Little Gold Star: A Spanish American Cinderella/ Robert D. San Souci. ( A Southwestern version of Cinderella with traditional elements from Spanish tales.)
  • Juv. 398.2 .V677c Corn Woman: Stories and Legends of the Hispanic Southwest / Angel Vigil (Bilingual collection of stories and legends grouped thematically with cultural and historical background information.)
  • Juv. 398.21. B881m Mystery of the Golden Table/ Brown, Suzanne Francis (Adventure story based on the Jamaican myth of a golden table that rises daily from the depths of the Rio Cobre river to tempt greedy people. Part of the NEXT Generation series, which creates fiction for children, based on the history, myths, and legends of Jamaica.)
  • Juv. 398.21.C733p Parrots and Papa Bois/ Lynette Comissiong, (Caribbean folk tale about Papa Bois [the Devil] a well known folk character in the Eastern Caribbean.)
  • Juv. 398.21.L674w Why Ostriches Don't Fly and Other Tales FromThe African Bush / Murphy Lewis (Folktales of the groups formerly known by the western appellation, Bushmen, now known as the Basarwa or San peoples. The group's history, nomadic way of life, beliefs, and customs are explored through 15 traditional tales written in poetic verse. The book includes an introductory chapter written by the New York City based author which gives an overview of the history, culture, physical characteristics [including descriptions of genitalia], and commentary on the challenges this group faces today.)
  • Juv. 398.21.L888w When Night Falls, Kric!Krac!: Haitian Folktales /Liliane Nerette Louis. edited by Fred Hay (Traditional Haitian stories to be read or used in storytelling. Includes glossary, recipes, historical and cultural overview of Haiti and the author's caution that the stories reflect the harsh realities of life in a different culture.)
  • Juv. 398.21.M169h Hyena and the Moon: Stories to Tell from Kenya/ Heather McNeil,
    (Includes retellings of stories from the Kikuyu, Turkana, Akamba, Kipsigis, Taita, Luhya and Samburu peoples of Kenya. The collector's field notes are included together with an overview of each ethnic group and the original translation of the story.)
  • Juv. 398.21.R767f Filipino Children's Favorite stories/retold by Liana Romulo (Collection of best loved myths and tales from the Philippines. Includes "Why Mosquitoes Buzz Around Our Ears", "A Feast of Gold" a tale similar to the King Midas myth, and the "Runaways" similar to the Hansel and Gretel fairy tale.)
  • Juv. 398.4.B814d Duppy Stories/ David Brailsford(Ghost stories from Jamaica for older readers.)
  • **Juv.398.4.E47a Musapa and the Giant Tortoise/ A. M. Ellison (Volume 2 of the Longman Active Readers which feature folktales from ancient Zimbabwe.)
  • Juv. 398.4.K26d La Diablesse and the Baby /Ricardo Keens-Douglas (Trinidadian folk-tale about the beautiful "devil-woman" with one human foot and one cow foot who spirits away people during the night.)
  • Juv. 421.1.B655a Ackee, Breadfruit ,Callalou: An Edible Alphabet/ Valerie Bloom (Picture book about the fruits and vegetables of the Caribbean in poetic form.)
  • Juv.421.1.M163p Play Mas'! A Carnival ABC/ Dirk McLean. (An alliterative alphabetical look at Trinidadian culture with an appendix of detailed explanations .)
  • **Juv. 421.1.M889w Wacky Wonderful West Indian Alphabet/Julie Morton (An alphabetic story illustrated with brilliant tropical colors. Flora and fauna of the Caribbean are used in the text.)
  • Juv. 495.1.L477o 1,2,3, Go/ Huy Vuon Lee. A bilingual picture book in Chinese and English that describes the numbers from one to ten with English words and Chinese characters. The pictures enhance understanding of the written Chinese characters. There is a Mandarin pronunciation guide on the end pages of the book. An author's note presents information for further understanding of the Chinese characters and words.)
  • Juv.511.M386t Trin Trin, Telefon ta rin/ Michella Martis, (Counting book from Curacao.)
  • **Juv. 582.16.L964 Pal'i Flamboyan Kambia I Sigui/ Justin Lopez, (Wordless book from Curacao showing growth and changes as a flamboyant tree flowers.)
  • **Juv. 598.13.D814c Call of the Wild / Vilma Dube (Environmentally-themed tale about a leather back turtle laying her eggs in the sand on a beach in Trinidad.)
  • Juv. 599.74.K14t True Story of Martin Mongoose/ Eileen and Lester Kalbrener (Picture book version of the importation of the mongoose to Jamaica.)
  • Juv. 634.B879m My Book of Caribbean Fruits/ Pat Brown (Picture book introduction to the fruits of the Caribbean.)
  • Juv.759.98.A191b Brocha y Pincel(Brush and Paint)/ Alma Flor Ada and F. Isabel Campoy (Level 1/2 art reader of the Puertas al Sol/ Gateways to the Sun bilingual text collection. Spanish volume.)
  • Juv. 759.98.A191c Caballete (Artist's Easel)/ Alma Flor Ada and E. Isabel Campoy
    (Grade 2-3 art component of Puertas al Sol/ Gateways to the Sun bilingual text collection. Contains sample artwork reproductions and biographical information on famous artists from Spanish-speaking countries. Spanish volume.)
  • Juv. 759.98.A191L Lienzo y Papel (Canvas and Paper)/ Alma Flor Ada and F. Isabel Campoy (Level 3/4 art reader of the Puertas al Sol/ Gateways to the Sun bilingual text collection. Spanish volume.)
  • Juv. 811.54.A321i Iguanas in the Snow/Iguanas en la Nieve/ Francisco Alarcon (Poems celebrating winter and the holidays. The text is in English and Spanish)
  • Juv.811.54.L912f Festivals/ Myra Cohn Livingston.(Year-round poetic roundup about holidays from different cultures and countries.)
  • Juv. 819.9.BB655f Fruits: A Caribbean Counting Poem/ Valerie Bloom (Jamaican story of a greedy little girl. It is also a counting book in poetic form.)
  • Juv. 819.9.B655n New Baby/ Valerie Bloom (A big brother adjusts to his new little sister in this story written by a Jamaican author.)
  • **Juv. 819.9.H847 How Did We Get Here?: And Other Stories (Short stories about the history of Jamaica, geography and folklore of Jamaica, part of the Doctor Bird Reading Series.)
  • **Juv. 819.9.I36 In Jamaica Where I Live: And Other stories (Short stories about life in Jamaica, part of the Doctor Bird Reading series.)
  • Juv. 819.9.W591c Carib Breeze/ Whitfield, Dorothy (Caribbean poems.)
  • **Juv.821.914.R454 Revival- An Anthology of African Poetry/compiled and edited by Dick Dawson (Collection of poems by African poets, both black and white, about Africa. Published in Zimbabwe for use with school children, some of the poems contain analyses and expository questions and answers.)
  • Juv. 861.08.A634 Anton Pirulero (Laughing Crocodiles)/Alma Flor Ada and F. Isabel Campoy (Level 1/2 poetry reader of the Puertas al Sol/ Gateways to the Sun bilingual text collection. Contains poems by Alma Flor Ada, Isabel Campoy, Ernesto Galarzo, and many others representing Latino life, and Latin American folklore and culture in the countries of Puerto Rico, Cuba, Guatemala, and Mexico. Spanish volume.)
  • Juv. 861.08.M263 Mambru ( Singing Horse)/ Alma Flor Ada and F. Isabel Campoy (Level 2/3 poetry reader of the Puertas al Sol/ Gateways to the Sun bilingual text collection Contains poems by Alma Flor Ada, Isabel Campoy, Ernesto Galarzo and many others representing Latino life, and Latin American culture and folklore in the countries of Puerto Rico, Cuba, Guatemala, and Mexico. Spanish volume)
  • Juv. 861.08.P644 Dreaming Fish (Pimpon) / Alma Flor Ada and F. Isabel Campoy (Level K/1 Poetry reader of the Puertas al Sol/ Gateways to the Sun bilingual text collection. Contains poems by Alma Flor Ada, Isabel Campoy, Jose Antonio Davila, Juan Bautista Grosso and many others representing Latino life, and the folklore and culture of Puerto Rico, Spain, Venezuela, Mexico and Argentina. English volume.)
  • Juv. 861.08.P644s Pimpon (Dreaming Fish) / Alma Flor Ada and F. Isabel Campoy (Level K/1 Poetry reader of the Puertas al Sol/ Gateways to the Sun bilingual text collection. Contains poems by Alma Flor Ada, Isabel Campoy, Jose Antonio Davila, Juan Bautista Grosso and many others representing Latino life, and the folklore and culture of Puerto Rico, Spain, Venezuela, Mexico and Argentina. Spanish volume.
  • **Juv. 883.H766it La illiada para ninos/Homero (adaptado por Francisco Trujillo)/ (A simplified Spanish edition of Homer's Illiad, published in Mexico.)
  • **Juv. 883.H766ot La odisea para ninos/Homero (adaptado por Francisco Trujillo)
  • Juv. 920.037.A191c Caminos (Paths)/ Alma Flor Ada and F. Isabel Campoy (Level 3/4 Biography text of the Puertas al Sol/ Gateways to the Sun bilingual text collection. Contains the stories of the lives of Jose Marti. Frida Kahlo and Cesar Chavez. Spanish volume.)
  • Juv. 920.07.A191v Voces (Voices)/Alma Flor Ada and F. Isabel Campoy (Level 2/3 Biography text of the Puertas al Sol/ Gateways to the Sun bilingual text collection. Contains the stories of the lives of Luis Valdez, Judith Francisca Baca and Carlos J. Finlay. Spanish volume.)
  • Juv. 920.073.B927r Remix: Conversations with Immigrant Teenagers/ Marina Budhos. (Interviews about culture, race and fitting into a new society with teenagers from Guyana, Haiti, Korea, Ethiopia, the Dominican Republic and other countries . Two of the subjects interviewed are Jersey City residents.)
  • **Juv. 920.7.F828g El diario de Ana Frank para ninos (adaptado por Patricia Galván Macías) (A simplified version of the Diary of Anne Frank in Spanish. Published in Mexico.)
  • Juv.923.2.W338p Pan-Africanists/ Barrington Watson (Collective biography of famous freedom fighters of African ancestry from around the world.)
  • **Juv. 923.273 .G244 Marcus Garvey/Makis Gave/ Florie-N Chevry-Saintil, (Juvenile biography of Marcus Garvey written in Haitian Creole.)
  • Juv. 923.315.B575s Ela Bhatt: Uniting Women in India/ Jyotsna Sreenivasan (Biography of the founder of the Self Employed Women's Association (SEWA) in India, which functions as a union, and operates a women's bank. Includes historical and cultural information about India.)
  • Juv. 923.641.B977m Mairead Corrigan & Betty Williams: Making Peace in Northern Ireland/Sarah Buscher and Bettina Ling (Collective biography of the founders of the Peace People, a grass-roots movement against terrorism in Northern Ireland. They were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1976. Includes historical and cultural facts about Northern Ireland.)
  • Juv. 927.A191p Pasos (Steps)/ Alma Flor Ada and F. Isabel Campoy (Level 1/2 Biography text of the Puertas al Sol/ Gateways to the Sun bilingual text collection. Contains the stories of the lives of Luis Valdez, Judith Francisca Baca and Carlos J. Finlay. Spanish volume.)
  • Juv. 944.H351c Count Your Way Through France/ Jim Haskins and Kathleen Benson (Numerical exploration from 1-10 of important institutions, traditions and activities in France. Contains an introductory note and pronunciation guide.)
  • Juv.951.D272c Postcards from China/ Zoë Dawson(Text arranged as a postcard picture and message that describe the geography, culture, history and architecture of China.)
  • Juv.951.H351c Count Your Way Through China/ Jim Haskins. (Numerical exploration from 1-10 of important historical events, mythology and geography of China. Contains an introductory note and pronunciation guide.)
  • Juv.952.D272j Japan (Postcards from)/ Zoe Dawson. (Introductory collection of facts on Japanese culture, geography and traditions in the form of postcards from children. Contains a glossary and index.)
  • Juv.952.H351c Count Your Way Through Japan/Jim Haskins. (Numerical exploration from 1-10 of important institutions, traditions and geography of Japan. Contains an introductory note and pronunciation guide.)
  • Juv.954.H351c Count Your Way Through India/Jim Haskins. (Numerical exploration from 1-10 of the history, institutions, traditions and activities of India. Contains an introductory note and pronunciation guide.)
  • Juv.972.H351c Count Your Way Through Mexico/Jim Haskins. (Numerical exploration from 1-10 of the history, traditions and activities of Mexico. Contains an introductory note and pronunciation guide.)
  • **Juv. A397L Lights of Divali/ Amina Ibrahim Ali, (Describes the Hindu celebration of Divali in Trinidad, includes notes on the holiday and a glossary of Hindi words.)
  • **Juv. A411p Painted Words/ Spoken Memories/ Aliki (Autobiography of immigrant child's as she learns to express herself orally and in English written words.)
  • **Juv.A653d Don't Do That/ Barbara Applin (Controlled language elementary reading book from Jamaica. Part of the Ready Go series. The story is about a brother and sister babysitting their younger siblings. Realistic situations reveal behavioral and gender role expectations for children in Jamaican culture. Also contains suggested questions for discussion at the end of the book.)
  • Juv.B881s Searching for Pirates: A Port Royal Adventure/ Suzanne Francis Brown (Students in the Port-Royal All-Age School are shocked when their teacher tells them that their little fishing village was once an important city filled with pirates, and that half the town was destroyed in an earthquake. Their teacher takes the class on a tour of Port Royal's historic sites, after which one of the students dreams that he meets the pirates of Port Royal. Part of the NEXT Generation series, which creates fiction for children, based on the history, myths and legends of Jamaica.)
  • Juv. B8825c Cordelia Finds Fame and Fortune/ Diane Browne (A little Jamaican girl in a country village wants to stand out for more than just her flaming red hair!)
  • **Juv. B941g Going Home/ Bunting, Eve (A story about Christmas in Mexico.)
  • Juv. C188r Ramgoat Dashalong: Magical Tales from Jamaica/ Hazel D.Campbell (Fantasy stories from Jamaica.)
  • Juv. C519h Grandfather Counts/Andrea Cheng (A grandfather from China, who speaks no English, teaches his American granddaughter to count in Chinese and to appreciate her heritage. Contains Chinese characters and words)
  • Juv. C733m Mind Me Good Now! / Lynette Comissiong (Adaptation of a folk tale from Trinidad about good behavior.)
  • **Juv. D441b Born Confused/ Tanuja Desai Hidier (An Indian -American teenager in Springfield, New Jersey doesn't fit into her parent's Indian culture or her school's U.S. culture.
  • Juv.D691e Everybody Bakes Bread /Norah Dooley (A rainy-day errand introduces a little girl to the many different kinds of bread in her neighborhood. Includes recipes for chapatis, coconut bread and puposas.)
  • **Juv. G695f Freedom Come/ Jean Goulbourne (A text of short stories covering information about different historical periods in Jamaica: slavery, buccaneers, indigenous Arawaks/Tainos.)
  • Juv. G192b Boy Named Neville/ Linda Gambrill (The orphaned hero finds a home with his uncle who is from Newark, New Jersey. Part of the Beenybud series.)
  • Juv.G192c Croaking Johnny and Dizzy Lizzy/ Linda Gambrill (A Jamaican mother entertains her sick daughter with a fairy tale about a sad lonely, ugly croaking lizard whose life and temperament is changed when he meets a beautiful female lizard who falls in love with him. Part of the Beenybud series.)
  • Juv.G192m Miss Tiny/ Linda Gambrill (A young child befriends an lonely old woman in a Jamaican country village. Part of the Beenybud series.)
  • Juv.G629t Ten Oni Drummers / by Matthew Gollub (One by one, ten tiny oni, Japanese goblin-like creatures, grow larger and larger as they beat their drums on the sand, chasing away bad dreams. Includes the Japanese characters for the numbers from one to ten.)
  • **Juv. H513c Chrysanthemum/ Kevin Henkes (A little girl learns to love her unique name.)
  • Juv. J24w When Grandpa Cheddi was a Boy and other stories/ Janet Jagan (Folk tales from Guyana.)
  • Juv.J82c Color of My Words/Lynn Joseph. (A twelve-year-old girl in the Dominican Republic who wants to be a writer learns about life and the power of words.)
  • Juv. K264f Freedom Child of the Sea/ Richardo Keens-Douglas (Fable about the pain of slavery, sensitively written for young children.)
  • Juv. K264n Nutmeg Princess/ Richardo Keens-Douglas (In this fable about the importance of the nutmeg crop to Grenada, a little boy wants to see the beautiful princess who only appears just as the nutmeg trees are about to bloom.)
  • Juv. M683h Hue Boy/ Rita Phillips Mitchell (Realistic portrayal of a young West Indian boy who wants to grow taller and his relationship with his father.)
  • **Juv. M889m Magical Mystical Ibis / Julie Morton, (Environmentally themed story of how the scarlet ibis came to the Caroni swamp in Trinidad.)
  • Juv.N174t Ties That Bind Ties That Break/ Lensey Namioka. (A Chinese girl growing up in the early twentieth century rebels against the tradition of foot-binding and finds her place in society and the economy drastically altered.)
  • Juv.O12 Always Prayer Shawl/Sheldon Oberman.(Follows the importance of a traditional prayer shawl and the name Adam, in a family that immigrates from Russia to the new world)
  • Juv. P549h Harriet's Daughter/ Marlene Nourbese Philip (Young adult novel about two spirited West Indian immigrant girls in Toronto. This book was awarded the Casa de las Americas award.)
  • Juv.R662d Dale's Mango Tree/ Kim Robinson (A disobedient Jamaican boy gets a lesson in discipline from his mother and grandmother)
  • Juv. S272a Allison/Allen Say (Allison discovers that she doesn't look like her parents because she is adopted. She is teased by her classmates in day-care. She comes to terms with her adoption with the help of a stray cat.)
  • **Juv. W729c Catching the Wild Waiyuuzee/ Rita Williams-Garcia, (A lush tropically designed story concerning a little girl's hair, a brush and an adventure.)
  • Juv. W8980 Other Side/ Jacqueline Woodson. (Story of two girls, neighbors, one black, one white in the time of segregation.)
  • **Juv. W956c Coocooloo: Stories for Children/ Writers for Ethiopian Children (Children's stories from Ethiopia created by a writer's collective The bilingual text is in English and Amharic. The short stories reveal aspects of everyday life, customs and the folklore of Ethiopia. A glossary of Ethiopian words is included.)
  • Juv. Y12c Constantine/Nancy Rogers Yaeger (Modern fable about an old man in a small West Indian village and his discovery of friendship.)


  • **V493 The Day I will Never Forget/ Kim Loginotto (Examines the practice of female genital mutilation in Kenya and the African women who are reversing the tradition.)
  • **V516 The Worlds of Mei Lanfang/Mei-Juin Chen (True story of Mei Lanfang, China's greatest opera star whose fame came from his portrayal of women. His life was the basis for the feature film, Farewell My Concubine.)
  • **V1476 A Nation of Diversity / William McAbian (Examines how Chinese culture has survived nearly 5,000 years. Part of the series, Celestial Empire: The Path of the Dragon. This segment covers the culture and origins of the largest minority groups in China: the Zhuang people of southern China, the Hui sea traders, the Manchu northern warriors, the Uygur silk road traders, the Mongols, the Yi, the Naxi, the Bai people and others.)
  • **V1531 The Life and Times of Sara Baartman, the Hottentot Venus/Zola Maseko (Documentary about the 20-year old Khoi Khoi woman who was taken to London in 1810 to be exhibited across Britain. Baartman would become an icon of racial inferiority and black female sexuality for the next hundred years.)
  • **V1560 Naguib Mahfouz: The Passage of the Century/ Francka Mouloudi (Interview with the Nobel laureate Naguib Mahfouz, supplemented by interviews with other Arab intellectuals, readings from the author's works, and glimpses of everyday life in Cairo, a city Mahfouz has left only three times in his life and the subject of much of his writing. )
  • **V1677 The Return of Sara Baartman/ Zola Maseko (Documentary covering the repatriation and burial of the remains of Sara Baartman after being exhibited in a museum for almost two hundred years. Covers issues of race, gender, culture, and colonialism.)
  • **V1715 Understanding Our Biases and Assumptions / Myrna Marofsky, Karen Grote (Covers the nature of biases and preconceptions, stressing that everyone sees the world from a personal perspective. Covers peer groups, being "in" or "out", effects of media, community and institutions in determining what is "good" and "bad". Also covers the effect of bias on the lives of minority members.)
  • **V1716 Understanding Different Cultural Values and Styles (Presents work experiences and cultural values and styles of members of the African American, Hispanic, Asian American, and Native American communities.)
  • V2113 A Different Place: The Intercultural Classroom and Creating Community (Intercultural experiences in a college classroom, includes a written guide)
  • V2135 Pedagogy, Research, and Practice: Case Studies of Change (Documents changes in two secondary school classrooms and explores the rationale for change.)
  • V2146 JVC Anthology of World Music and Dance (30 tapes) (Brief examples of folk music and dance of more than thirty countries, with explanations in the accompanying guide.)
  • V2187A Bonjour Les Amis: French Made Easy for Children Ages 4-9 Volume One (British produced animated series of French lessons aimed at children aged 4-6, covering greetings, food, colors, and folk songs. )
  • V2187B Bonjour Les Amis: French Made Easy for Children Ages 4-9 Volume Two (British produced animated and live action series of French lessons aimed at children aged 6-9 covering writing letters, days of the week, alphabet, weather, folk songs and life in Chaville, France.)
  • V2187C Bonjour Les Amis : French Made Easy for Children Ages 4-9 Volume Three (British produced live action and animated series aimed at intermediate learners consisting of vignettes of conversational phrases with vocabulary and review segments.)
  • V2188A Hola Amigos : Spanish Made Easy for Children Ages 4 to 9, Volume One ( Three animated lessons covering basic Spanish vocabulary, phrases and songs about families, colors, numbers and birthdays.)
  • V2188B Hola Amigos: Spanish Made Easy for Children Ages 4 to 9, Volume Two (Animated Spanish lessons covering basic vocabulary, phrases and songs about home, letters, school , instruments, soccer and the beach.)
  • V2188C Hola Amigos: Spanish Made Easy for Children Ages 4 to 9, Volume Three ( Animated Spanish lessons covering basic vocabulary and phrases and songs covering a visit to a farm, a visit to the city, shopping, and eating in a a restaurant.)V2194 Families of Mexico (Two 15 minute vignettes of the lives of an urban child and a rural child in Mexico. Includes the customs, culture, history and flora and fauna of Mexico described from a child's perspective.)
  • **V2193 Africa to America to Paris : The Migration of Black Writers/ Jacques Goldstein (Traces the path of African-American literature from the shores of the U.S. to the Left Bank of Paris at the end of World War II through the late 1960s. The program provides context by first exploring the New Orleans salon poetry of Desdunes and then discussing the historic suppression of black activists in the U.S. after the Harlem Renaissance. This program primarily traces the lives of James Baldwin, Richard Wright and Chester Himes who immigrated to Paris seeking greater intellectual freedom. Includes remembrances of fellow artists and readings from their diaries and works.)
  • V2194 Families of Mexico (Two 15 minute vignettes of the lives of an urban child and a rural child in Mexico. Includes the customs, culture, history and flora and fauna of Mexico described from a child's perspective.)
  • V2195 Linnea in Monet's Garden ( Animated film version of the award-winning children's book about a young girl's fascination with the paintings of Claude Monet and her visit to France and to his garden. Includes some live-action sequences, and covers the life and works of Monet with an overview of famous Parisian sites.)
  • **V2319 Enigma of Writing/ V.S. Naipaul (The award-winning novelist V.S. Naipaul explores the relationship between a writer and his work, offering insights into his life, his career, and his subtly incisive novel/memoir The Enigma of Arrival. In particular, he contrasts the inspiration of living in the English countryside with the Caribbean, Indian, and African influences that dominate his earlier writings. Excerpts from Miguel Street, A House for Mr. Biswas, and other books -- read by actor Roshan Seth and by Naipaul himself -- round out this engaging interview.)
  • **V2371 Miguel Michelle (As young Miguel travels to the United States from the Philippines, his proud family says good bye, looking forward to the day when he will return. Seven years later Miguel comes home as a woman, Michelle, after a sex-change operation in the United States.)
  • **V2372 Hanging Out (A fast-paced video for teens about prejudice,
    stereotyping and racism from the perspective of a group of Chinese-Canadian teenagers.)
  • V2406 Literature Based Language Arts Project (Produced by the School of Education, University of the West Indies, Mona, Jamaica. The video shows students and teachers at three primary schools in grades one and two in the Kingston, Jamaica area in 1998-2000, who participated in literacy instruction that used various children's literature books instead of basal texts. The accompanying volume, Using Children's Literature to Improve Literacy Skills in Early Primary Grades: a study of the literature-based language arts project provides data on design of the study, assessment of students and implications for educational practice.)
  • **V2417 Vision Test/ Wes Kim (Part of the Third Annual Media That Matters film festival. What begins as a routine eye exam turns into a troubling dramatization of attitudes towards minorities in the United States. By exploring the boundaries of Americans' tolerance for minorities in positions of power, the film asks us to consider how we use the term "American." This film was inspired by a study conducted on behalf of the Committee of 100, an advocacy group for the Chinese-American community.)
  • **V2424 Prisoner of the Mountains (Kavkazskii plennik) / Boris Giller (A Russian army patrol is ambushed by Caucasian rebels and two survivors are taken prisoner by a local patriarch who is hoping to barter them for the release of his captured son. A bond of understanding develops between the soldiers and their captors, but it is broken when plans for their release go awry and a chain of violence and retaliation is precipitated. )
  • **V2425 The Thief (Vor)/ Vladimir Mashkov (A tale of passion, betrayal and innocence lost, as seen through the eyes of an impressionable young boy. Fatherless and homeless, six-year old Sanya and his mother Katja endure the harsh existence of post - World War II Russia. When a handsome, charismatic soldier, Toljan, enters their lives, both mother and son fall under his spell. Only after the mother and child are hopelessly devoted to him does Toljan reveal his true intentions and identity.

Bibliography compiled and annotated by S. Kirven