News about UISFL Grants

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News about UISFL Grants

The Guarini Library Offers Continuous Support for NJCU's UISFL Grant Projects

New Jersey City University has been the recipient of two U.S. Department of Education, Title VI-A Undergraduate International Studies and Foreign Language (UISFL) Program grants. Both grants had important library development objectives that required cooperation between NJCU library personnel and faculty. In 1999-2001, Dr. Donna Farina and Dr. Christa Olson co-directed the UISFL project, "World Languages and Cultures in Urban Education." This grant began creating a more internationalized educational experience for both NJCU faculty and students. Besides supporting the creation of globally oriented courses and the revision of existing courses the grant provided $15,000 for library collection development. Most of the materials that were purchased have been cataloged and can be reviewed at the link below.

In 2002, NJCU became the recipient of a second UISFL grant, entitled "Reaching Across Borders: Internationalizing Students in K-12 Urban Teacher Education." Directed by Dr. Donna Farina, this project will continue through 2004. As with the first grant, the main objective is international curriculum development, which must be supported by international library resources. New library purchases continue to be added to the link below as they are cataloged, and the sign * in the bibliography denotes new acquisitions under the second UISFL grant.

The following members of the library staff have cooperated on the UISFL grant projects: Grace Bulaong (Director), Sheila Kirven (Library Liaison to the UISFL Grants), Min Chou, Lydia Nese, and Anne Trattner.

Please click on this link to see new library resources purchased under these grants.