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Information for Parents

Parents Play an Important Role in Adjustment to College

The primary objective of the Counseling Center is to help students resolve problems resulting from personal situations and/or college pressures so that they can be successful in college. We believe that parents play an extremely important role in helping us to meet that objective. Adjustment problems are a common and expected experience for most students, particularly for freshmen. Parents are usually the first to notice changes in their student's behavior, attitudes, or emotional stability that might indicate a problem. Talk with your student about your concerns. Let your student know that emotional adjustment problems are common among college students and that the Counseling Center can help.

Scope of Services

The Counseling Center offers New Jersey City University students confidential mental health services delivered by experienced professionals. Short term individual counseling, couples counseling, Let's Talk sessions, workshops, and support groups are available to address personal concerns that may be impacting academic success. If your student was previously hospitalized or was in ongoing psychotherapy before coming to NJCU, our services might not be an appropriate substitute for those services. We can help with referrals for private mental health care in the local area. If you're unsure if the Counseling Center's services would be appropriate for your student, please call and talk with one of our staff about your student's situation.

Referring Your Student for Counseling

The best way to refer your student for counseling is to encourage them to contact the Center at or 201-200-3165 during office hours. During the initial consultation, your student will meet with one of our staff counselors to determine how the Counseling Center can best meet their needs.

Find information about crisis assistance.

A Note about Confidentiality

If your student is a client of the Counseling Center, federal and state law prohibits us from acknowledging that your student is a client or discussing his or her case in any way without specific written permission from your student. This law applies whether or not you have referred your student to us or have discussed your student's situation with us before he or she becomes a client. If you wish to follow-up with us after referring or discussing your student, please encourage your student to sign a written authorization form when they come for counseling.

Your Own Adjustment Process

Parenting a beginning college student requires new skills and boundaries. Click here for some helpful tips on navigating the transition.