Counseling Center Services

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Counseling Center Services



**Due to interstate restrictions on telehealth and license limitations, services for students currently residing in the U.S. but outside of New Jersey are limited to Let's Talk and referrals at this time.  We are unable to provide remote counseling services to students living outside of the U.S.

Individual Counseling

The Counseling Center offers a variety of services that assist students in resolving problems that arise from personal situations and/or college pressures, and that help students achieve their personal best.

Individual counseling involves meeting with one of our therapists to discuss and explore your concerns. Students are provided up to 12 sessions per academic year (September 1st - August 31st). Counseling sessions are 45 minutes in length, and most clients are seen on a weekly basis while working towards their goals.

Your counselor will serve as a catalyst to help you make the changes you want to accomplish by listening to your concerns, by providing a framework to help you view your circumstances clearly and objectively, and by helping you consider options in your situation. Topics students commonly choose to explore with a counselor include: adjustment to the University; study skills; educational and vocational options; anxiety; depression; self-esteem; family difficulties; relationships; substance abuse; sexual concerns; stress; anger management; parenting; and eating/body image concerns.

Let's Talk

Let’s Talk provides NJCU students with informal, one-on-one confidential consultations to assist students with specific personal concerns (e.g. relationship conflicts, advice regarding disagreement with a roommate, stress management skills, academic struggles).  When necessary, recommendations will be provided.  These one-time, 25 minute consultations are not meant to be a substitute for psychotherapy, but rather a meeting with a counselor that is goal oriented.

Couples Counseling

Couples counseling is available when both students are enrolled for the current semester.

Support Groups

Support groups involve a small group of students meeting with one or more group facilitators, typically once a week for 1 - 1.5 hours. These groups provide the opportunity for individuals to speak with others who share a common area of concern in a supportive environment through sharing, receiving feedback, and providing feedback to others. The facilitators help the group members to communicate productively.

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