Undergraduate Medical Withdrawals

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Undergraduate Medical Withdrawals

About Undergraduate Medical Withdrawals

The Registrar's office publishes each semester's official NJCU Academic Calendar, which lists the final day for undergraduate students to withdraw from classes with "W" grades.

However, undergraduate students who find it necessary to withdraw from the University for medical reasons after the deadline for withdrawing from classes can request a medical withdrawal for the current semester. Students requesting a medical withdrawal must withdraw from ALL their classes.

To do this, students must arrange an appointment with the Director of the Counseling Center (counselingcenter@njcu.edu or 201-200-3165). In the event that the Director is unavailable to process a medical withdrawal, the request should be directed to the Dean of Students (deanofstudents@njcu.edu or 201-200-3525).  The meeting is used to review the student's situation and to inform them of the process for returning to school.

At the time of the meeting with the Director, the student should submit, either in person or by electronic transmission:

1) a completed and signed copy of the Medical Withdrawal Form requesting a medical withdrawal from the University for the semester; and

2) a letter from an appropriate healthcare professional on their professional stationery or prescription pad. The healthcare professional should state the health condition of the student (details are not necessary) and must specifically state that the student should not continue school for the remainder of the current semester.

After the meeting a formal letter is sent to the Registrar (along with the original documentation the student submitted) requesting that the student be withdrawn for the semester. Copies of the letters are also maintained in the Counseling Center and the student is sent a letter confirming their withdrawal.

Please note that undergraduate medical withdrawals cannot be processed by the Director of the Counseling Center after the semester ends since at that time grades will have been submitted by professors, and it becomes an academic matter.  After the semester ends, students must direct their requests to the appropriate Academic Affairs dean (College of Arts and Sciences, School of Business, College of Education, or College of Professional Studies). To find out what the last day of the semester is, please see the NJCU Academic Calendar.

Graduate students should contact their respective academic/college dean to request a medical withdawal.