Safety Tips

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Safety Tips

Safety Tips

"The Buddy-System" whenever possible, travel with a friend. However, there are times when one can not avoid being alone, therefore take the following precautions:

  • Avoid isolated places - ex. an empty lot.
  • Stay in well lighted areas.
  • Have keys in hand when approaching your vehicle.
  • Try to park under lights.
  • When using elevators, if you are weary of the individual(s) riding it, do not hesitate to get out.
  • Avoid using isolated stairwells.
  • If one can not travel with others, the Public Safety Department will provide an escort anywhere on campus.

Incidents on campus can be significantly reduced if each person will take the time to:

  • Properly secure personal and University property.
  • Remain attentive to all personal belongings in order to prevent theft.
  • Do not leave items unattended while using the restroom, in the library, in the cafeterias, or during class.
  • Keep purses and book bags closed.
  • Do not leave items in plain sight in your car - ex. spare change, books, sunglasses, etc.
  • Lock rooms when leaving.
  • Emergency phones are located throughout the entire campus - the desk officer will receive a signal of the location and dispatch an officer to that site immediately.

Lock It

  • Keeps doors and windows secured
  • Never prop open doors
  • Report missing or stolen keys/id's immediately to Public Safety

Hide It

  • Never give your key or id to someone else
  • Never leave valuables in sight
  • Never leave personal belonging unattended
  • Keep wallets, cash, jewelry, check books cameras, cellphones, etc. secured

Watch It

  • Always be aware of your surroundings
  • Walk / park in well lit areas
  • Do not let unauthorized persons into buildings
  • Travel in groups using the buddy system
  • Avoid using headphones and texting while walking alone

See Something / Say Something

  • Security is everybody's business.
  • Report suspicious persons or activities to the Department of Public Safety immediately

For more information, please email: or call 201-200-3127 / 3128.