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Living Learning Communities

About LLCs

Living Learning Communities (LLCs) are specialized living environments that connect students inside and outside of the classroom. Each LLC is unique, but all are centered on a distinctive theme or a similar interest. LLCs are an ideal way to make friends with peers who have similar interests. Research shows that students who participate in an LLC have higher academic success rates, higher college graduation rates, higher levels of satisfaction with their college experience, and an easier time connecting with their peers.

At New Jersey City University we have four Living Learning Communities, find out more below about the different LLC's we have on campus.

If you don't see one your interested in and would like to start one, contact Alexis Smith at

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First-Year Connections Living Learning Community is for all incoming first year students who are interested in living with and connecting with their peers. There will be programming designed to help new students build their academic, social, and professional connections needed for a successful college career at New Jersey City University. Students will be introduced to an assortment of University services, academic skills, friendships, and experiences that will make their adjustment to the vibrant life of our campus much easier.

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A Living Learning Community for international and national student exchange students and/or any students who are interested in learning more about Global Initiatives on campus and throughout the world.This community creates, cultivates, and sustains an atmosphere for international living in tandem with living in a multicultural environment. Residents live in an atmosphere that is intentionally focused on facilitating interactions between students with diverse life experiences, backgrounds, and worldviews and which fosters awareness of and appreciation for cultural difference. The International Living Learning Community functions as an integral part of an internationalizing campus community that values study abroad, language learning, and international exchange.

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The Leadership Living Learning Communities brings together students to share in a fun and engaging exploration of leadership and personal leadership development. The members of this community will be part of one or more of the following student leadership groups on campus: Athletics, Center for Leadership and Engagement, Peer Mentor, Residence Hall Association, Honors College, Student Government Association, Change builders. Members of this community will work together to identify their own leadership styles and abilities, enhance their brand and presence, learn to think critically about leadership as a subject and will benefit from exclusive opportunities to connect with successful leaders working across a diverse array of fields.

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The Substance Free community provides new and returning students with an enjoyable living and learning experience where community members commit to living a Substance Free lifestyle. This community is for students who are passionate about living a substance-free life and want to live with a community of students who share that passion. Whether you are in the process of recovery or have other reasons to live sub-free, you’ll find friends here with similar goals.