Greek Life

Photo of Hepburn Tower Lawn and hedge

Greek Life at NJCU

Brotherhood and sisterhood; service and high ideals; citizenship, leadership, and scholarship—NJCU's officially recognized fraternities and sororities contribute many positive aspects to the NJCU educational experience and community. Self-governed by the Inter-Greek Council, these strong, respected organizations provide opportunities for members to grow in leadership and personal responsibility and forge meaningful relationships that last a lifetime.

Greek Life at NJCU is an active life, complementing academic accomplishment with community service projects, philanthropic fundraising, a lively annual Greek Week, social events, and more. Among the fraternities and sororities at NJCU you will find interests including social and cultural awareness, women's issues, child welfare, and high-energy stepping and strolling competitions.

We invite you to learn more about the missions, interests, and unique aspects of the fraternities and sororities at NJCU and find out if one is right for you.