Student COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement and Availability

April 18, 2021
Covid-19 vaccination record card with vials and syringe. - stock photo GettyImages-1289454645

Dear NJCU Students,

NJCU’s highest priority is a safe return to a vibrant in-person learning environment this coming Fall 2021 semester. Now that vaccines are widely available, we are taking the necessary steps to expand in-person activities to enrich your college experience this fall.

We are committed to ensuring that our faculty and students are safe when they return to in-person classes. Every member of our NJCU community who needs a vaccination can now receive one prior to the start of the Fall 2021 semester through priority access to appointments for our community. With that goal in mind, students taking in-person classes will be required to show proof of immunization. The vaccine requirement falls within the scope of existing NJCU and State of New Jersey immunization policy and requirements. This is a critically important step toward achieving herd-immunity for the NJCU community.

As we have been reminded this past year, we must come together as a nation and a community to finally end the COVID-19 pandemic. Getting vaccinated is the best way for us to do that right now. Too many of us have experienced the impact of this pandemic first hand. I have come to know the NJCU community to be strong and resilient and we will be at our best as we unite in our efforts to reduce the health risks to ourselves and our community.

Students may request an exemption from vaccination requirements due to valid medical or religious reasons. Remote learning will remain an option for students to continue their studies if they are unable to get vaccinated. More information regarding how to apply for an exemption is available on our Health and Wellness website.

It is time to begin looking forward to all the activities and events that will be happening this fall. Our campus events, programs, and organizations bring us together to strengthen our bonds, focus our resolve, expand our intellects and foster our capacity for scholarship and achievement.

You will be receiving more information on how you can schedule your vaccination, steps for vaccination exemption, and our Fall 2021 student plan in the coming days. 

I appreciate you all, and thank you for doing your part to help bring NJCU another step closer to safe and in-person operations.


Sue Henderson, Ph.D.