A Message from President Henderson Regarding Today's Supreme Court Decision to Overturn Roe v. Wade

June 24, 2022
Roe V Wade newspaper headline on the United States Constitution and Supreme Court

Dear NJCU Community,

The rights of women in the United States of America matter. Just yesterday, we celebrated the 50th anniversary of Title IX — the profoundly important civil rights law signed in 1972. It was landmark legislation that opened the door for enormous growth for young women, particularly on college campuses and in sports. While June 23, 1972 will be remembered as a shining day for women in our nation, sadly, June 24, 2022 will be equally recognized as a dark day in our history.

While we celebrate the 50th anniversary of one landmark decision, another will not reach its 50th anniversary. That's because today our nation took an enormous step backwards in women’s rights with the reversal of nearly 50 years of court precedent after the 6-to-3 decision by The Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade. 

As a university leader, a woman, and a mother, today is a day I hoped to never see in my lifetime. Not only is it terribly disappointing, but the results will also be far reaching, as will the damaging consequences, particularly in communities of color like we serve on our campus.

If I can take solace in any outcome of today’s decision is that we are fortunate here in New Jersey to live in a state where the decision to overturn Roe v. Wade will not change abortion access. In January of this year, Governor Phil Murphy and our Legislature signed into law the Freedom of Reproductive Choice Act which guarantees "the fundamental right of reproductive autonomy.”

Today, there are more people alive in America who have never known a country where the rights of a woman to choose did not exist, than those who have. At New Jersey City University, we will always support the right of women in our community to make the decision that is right for their individual lives. If you are a student who has questions or needs assistance, the NJCU Health and Wellness Center, located in Vodra Hall, Suite 107, is ready to assist you. Please contact the center at 201-200-3456 or hwc@njcu.edu


Sue Henderson, Ph.D.