Observing the 21st Anniversary of September 11

September 9, 2022
NJCU 9/11 Memorial during the 20th anniversary of September 11

Dear NJCU Community,

This Sunday, our nation will mark another solemn occasion as we observe the 21st anniversary of the September 11th attacks. Today, as we did 21 years ago, New Jersey City University will continue to stand with all those forever impacted by this tragic, senseless event. 

So many of our faculty and staff were here on campus on that day in 2001 as the events of September 11 unfolded. Other members of our community were lost on that fateful day. Our university remembers the faculty, alumni and members of our community we lost. We will Never Forget.

While the memory of this anniversary can be difficult and painful, it also presents an opportunity for all of us to take time to thank the heroes in our community — including first responders and military personnel — and express our continued gratitude for their service above self. 

As time passes, we can continue to honor those lost with how we live today. As time passes, so do memories. It’s remarkable to think that a majority of our current student body was not even born yet when these tragic events happened. It’s a part of history for most of our undergraduate population. That's why it’s essential that we continue to talk about that fateful day 21 years ago, to ensure that the atrocities committed do not fade into distant memories — so this never happens again, and so we truly will Never Forget. 

While there will be no formal events on campus this Sunday, our Office of Military & Veterans Services continues to take a leadership role with our observations of September 11. Elaine Gargiulo, Randi Fontanez and their team maintain our 9/11 Memorial, and continue to replace memorial flags and ribbons. I thank them for their important efforts.

Whether you lived through the pain of that day 21 years ago, or know it only through the lens of history, please join me in spending some quiet time over the next few days to reflect on the events of September 11. While we can never adequately memorialize those lost, nor comfort their friends and families, we can vow to Never Forget.


Jason Kroll
Acting President
New Jersey City University