Celebrating Pride Month 2023

June 1, 2023
Pride Month 2023 GettyImages-1472125172

Dear Members of the NJCU Family,

This June, please join me in celebrating Pride Month as we honor the struggles and invaluable contributions made by our LGBTQIA+ community members.

Our institution has long recognized that our strength lies in our diversity. ​​We are proud to be the oldest minority and Hispanic-serving institution in the state, and with that responsibility, uplifting communities is ingrained in our mission every day. We will always foster an educational community that welcomes and elevates every single student and faculty and staff member regardless of their race, gender identity, or sexual orientation. That is integral to who we are at our core.

June is a time both to reflect on the long and courageous battle that LGBTQIA+ people have fought for equality, and also to celebrate the immense contributions that they have made to the fabric of our society — from art to literature, music to philosophy, science and beyond.

Now more than ever, institutions of higher education must embrace their role as leaders in fostering inclusivity, acceptance, and freedom of expression. The current increase in attacks against LGBTQIA+ people in this country, particularly against the transgender and non-binary community, is not only dangerous and cruel, but it does a disservice to all of us whose freedom extends only as far as the freedom of our most marginalized community members. The role of the university as a sanctuary from discrimination is one that we here at NJCU take very seriously, and one by which we are guided every day.

Not only must we strive to protect our LGBTQIA+ community members from oppression, we ought also to uplift them and their stories as role models for the kind of love and authenticity that they show us is possible every day.

When we celebrate one another with love and pride, our entire community soars! Happy Pride Month, NJCU.

In solidarity,

Andrés Acebo
Interim President
New Jersey City University