Message from President Acebo on Terror and Violence in Israel and Gaza

October 7, 2023
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Note: President Acebo made the following statement on October 7, 2023 on his official @NJCUPresident accounts on Twitter and Instagram following the terrorist attack on Israel by Hamas


“Today, and every day, we stand with our Israeli and Jewish community. You are woven into our beautiful tapestry. We will honor you and champion you. At NJCU, we will always champion our diversity. We will make the work of celebrating our humanity be enriched by our cultures and heritages. Our beautiful campus is emboldened by the cultures and heritages that come together.

No global act of terror will ever undermine the unity and inclusivity our campus empowers. From our Palestinian and Muslim community to our Jewish ones 
and our thousands of Black, Hispanic, and Asian students who we work to ensure are seen and heard.

To every single student and member of our community regardless of race, ethnicity, creed, gender, sex, or neurodiversity, thank you for showing the community and our world how we join in common cause and common purpose and speak to our common humanity.

Tragedies that befall our communities disproportionately require human attention and we must be responsive to that responsibility. That’s how we lift one another. By seeing one another.

Please join me in praying for peace to end this vicious cycle of violence and
depravity, so that no parent will ever again wonder where their children are.

We are one people. We are NJCU.”

Andrés Acebo
Interim President
New Jersey City University