Celebrating Black History Month

February 1, 2024
Celebrating Black History Month

Dear Members of the NJCU Family,

At New Jersey City University, Black History Month is an indelible part of our experience as a community that doesn’t just celebrate diversity, but empowers it. Each February, we proudly recognize the invaluable contributions and sacrifices of the Black community as a fabric of who we are, as one people.

This month serves as a reminder to honor and celebrate Black history, because Black history is American history. For so long, the former was erased from the latter. We can never forget how our country was built and who built it, and the painful reminder of humanity’s limitations. 

We also reflect on the rich history of a community of people whose stories and legacies did not begin through the sin of bondage but with proudly brilliant, cultured, and advanced civilizations and societies.

Our institution has long recognized that our strength lies in our diversity. ​​That point of distinction carries with it an unrelenting responsibility to uplift the communities from where our students, alumni, and employees come. It is ingrained in our mission every day. But a mission is more than just words.

At New Jersey City University, our charge is to uplift our entire community, including our students, faculty, and staff of color. At NJCU, equal access to the transformative power of education is our ‘why’. It is our vehicle to alleviate the historical inequities and social injustices that have stubbornly persisted and hindered the pursuit of quality education and economic mobility in our communities. NJCU is committed to upholding the inherent dignity and worth of every individual, ensuring that all people have the right to build a better life for themselves and their families.

I encourage you to attend one of the many events planned on campus as part of our Black History Month programming. The university will continue to celebrate and honor the remarkable history of our Black communities, throughout Black History Month and via the course of our work every day. By doing so, we embrace the perpetual journey towards equality and inclusion. Together, we can manifest a future where progress knows no bounds.

Yours in service,

Andrés Acebo
Interim President
New Jersey City University