Disability Accommodation Policy

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Disability Accommodation Policy

Policy Name: Disability Accommodation Policy
Policy Number: 01-03-001
Version Effective Date: Not Available
Last reviewed on: January 1, 2019
Policy Applies To: Faculty, Staff
Responsible Office: EEO

New Jersey City University is committed to diversity and nondiscrimination, and supports the full employment of qualified individuals with disabilities in its workforce in accordance with state and federal laws and regulations, including Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1992 (ADA), as amended by the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act of 2008 (ADAAA).

This policy applies to exempt and nonexempt staff members. Faculty requests for accommodations should be directed to the Vice President of Academic Affairs.

To ensure equality of access for individuals with disabilities, the University will provide reasonable accommodations, including auxiliary aids, to enable staff members to perform the essential functions of their jobs and to participate in all University programs and activities. Individuals applying for staff positions can request reasonable accommodation in connection with the application process.

Staff Members shall initiate requests for any desired disability-related workplace accommodation by contacting Human Resources (HR), either orally or in writing. The University will take such requests seriously.

Supervisors shall immediately notify HR of any staff accommodation request brought to their attention. Supervisors shall also implement reasonable accommodations that HR recommends, keep the disability request confidential, and monitor any interactions with the requesting individual to ensure that such interactions are not legitimately construed as retaliatory.

Human Resources (HR) shall:

  • Inform applicants and employees of the disability accommodation request process;
  • Coordinate requests for disability accommodations;
  • Refer employees to appropriate offices for assistance in evaluating their requests;
  • Oversee the disability accommodation process for employment-related requests;
  • Provide advice, guidance, and assistance in ADA accommodation requests, including determining what type of medical documentation is necessary;
  • In consultation with the supervisor, other appropriate offices, and other resources as needed, decide if requested accommodations are appropriate and effective.

Requests that are granted to faculty for a reasonable accommodation may be reviewed on a semester to semester basis. Staff members may also be reviewed periodically to determine if an accommodation that was granted remains warranted if no time frame was indicated.

HR also provides information relating to the employment provisions of the ADA and employer obligations, including issues of employment discrimination based on disability status. HR may also be contacted for resources for obtaining technical and assistive equipment for disability reasonable accommodations, as well as information on funding options for disability accommodations.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
The EAP is responsible for providing confidential counseling to employees who seek assistance in resolving concerns, including work-related concerns. Information on the EAP program may be obtained from the Director of Human Resources.

As deemed necessary or appropriate by the Policy Coordinator but at a minimum, at least every 5 years from the date of last review.