Academic Support Staff

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Academic Support Staff

Academic Support Staff

About The Tutors

Tutors are a blend of NJCU undergraduates, alumni, and academics who hold advanced degrees or are currently working toward advanced degrees.


  • Alumni have been awarded Fulbright scholarships to teach English abroad (Uruguay, Peru, and Malaysia)
  • Alumni have been accepted to medical schools
  • Alumni have been accepted to M.A. and Ph.D. programs
  • One student assistant tutor has taught English in Brazil during the summer for NJCU’s Campus Without Borders program
  • Student assistant tutors have accepted awards from departments throughout the campus
  • Student assistant tutors have received scholarships
  • Student assistant tutors have worked with faculty on research projects
  • Student assistant tutors and alumni have presented research and writings at events and conferences
  • Student assistant tutors and alumni have worked with incoming freshmen during summer bridge programming
  • Student assistant tutors and alumni have assisted the administrative team with research and the development of training workshops

Administrative Staff

Dr. John Blicharz, Director

Ida Masa, Administrative Assistant