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Chi Alpha Epsilon was formed to recognize the academic achievements of students admitted to colleges and universities through non-traditional criteria who utilize developmental educational support services. Its purposes are to promote continued high academic standards, to foster increased communication among its members, and to honor academic excellence achieved by those students admitted to college through developmental programs. The involvement of eligible alumni enables networking for members. Programs sponsored by the society encourage other students toward this accomplishment.

Membership is open to those individuals who are admitted to accredited two or four year institutions of higher learning, colleges, or universities via Student Support/developmental programs, like EOF. Students must achieve and maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better for two consecutive semesters. The process requires the completion of Chi Alpha Epsilon Initiate Forms and a one-time membership fee which covers the cost of the induction. The induction ceremony is held every spring semester here at NJCU.

OSP Student Advisory Board (SAB)
OSP Scholars Inducted Spring 2019


Mission Statement
The mission of The Alliance of the Student Advisory Board (SAB) is to enhance, as well explore our development within NJCU. Our leadership is a representation of commitment within the students enrolled in the OSP/EOF program. Our goal is to create and nurture leaders for the classroom, campus and EOF community!

In order to support and strengthen the social, political, economic, and academic, welfare for the OSP/EOF students, supported under the guidance and direction of the Opportunity Scholarship Program.

Under guidance and direction of the OSP/EOF program as represented by the student organization and leadership program, SAB at NJCU will pursue the following purpose:

  • Strengthen the commitment and purpose of education through the OSP students, student leaders, and others
  • Provide leadership programs and opportunities for OSP students, which enable the ability for professional growth
  • Enhance and exercise social responsibility through community development and public education initiatives
  • Network with youth leadership organizations including but not limited to:
    • Higher Education
    • Secondary Education
    • Local Community Groups
    • Youth Leadership Organizations
    • Promote workshop for academic growth