Support Services

Academic Advisement and Individual Counseling
As an OSP scholar, whether making academic, personal, financial, or career decisions, you will receive individualized guidance from an assigned OSP counselor.

OSP counselors will monitor your academic progress, assist you with course registration, and map out a personalized plan to graduation that works for you. They will also help you identify strategies to successfully balance family and school responsibilities.

Individual tutoring sessions with trained tutors will help you improve your study skills, increase proficiency in academic content areas, overcome academic challenges, and remain focused on your academic goals.

Financial Assistance
Eligible scholars will receive an EOF grant for a maximum of 12 semesters in addition to 12 semesters of the NJ Tuition Aid Grant, versus the 8 semesters of state aid offered to non-EOF students. Scholars interested in accelerating their paths to graduation may also be eligible for additional funds to cover winter and summer classes.

Peer Mentoring
As an OSP scholar, you will have the opportunity to receive guidance from experienced and trained Peer Mentors. They will help you develop skills in self-advocacy, problem-solving, goal setting, time-management, stress management, and more. Additionally, Peer Mentors help you get familiar with the campus community so that you can effectively navigate and utilize resources available to you. 

Cultivating Experiences
College is more than academics. To prepare our scholars to be marketable for competitive careers, we provide leadership opportunities to attend local and national conferences, and networking events. OSP also provides workshops that cover strategies for academic success, personal and career development, and financial literacy. Scholars can also participate in cultural activities such as movie screenings and discussions, Broadway plays, and other excursions to encourage critical thinking and broaden horizons.