Student Advisory Committee (SAC)

S.A.C is the student leadership component of the TRiO Learning Community (TLC) Program. The purpose of the S.A.C is to provide TLC participants with insights and a voice in the development, planning and implementation of workshops, activities and events sponsored by the Program. S.A.C is a vehicle to inspire student empowerment, cultivate leadership skills, and encourage participation in TLC as well as other student activities/organizations on campus.


Chairperson: The chairperson of the S.A.C will be the TLC Peer Leadership Counselor or student designated by the TLC staff in the absence of the Peer Leadership Counselor. S/he will be responsible for the overall operation and general administration of SAC. The chair will plan and preside over all SAC meetings and will be the official student spokesperson of the organization.

The other members of SAC are elected by TLC members. The four members represent the freshman through senior class. Once those members are elected a co-chairperson will be selected and the rest of the positions will be filled by the remaining elected members.

Co-Chairperson: The co-chairperson is an elected position. S.A.C. members will nominate 2 candidates and a private vote will ensure. The candidate with the majority of votes will serve as Co-chair and will be responsible for assisting the Chair in the leadership of S.A.C. In the absence of the Chairperson, the Co-chairperson will fulfill all of his/her/responsibilities.

Treasurer: The Treasurer will be responsible for all financial transactions of the committee. Additionally, and most importantly, the Treasurer will be responsible for obtaining from the Program Director permission and guidance regarding ANY AND ALL financial matters BEFORE they occur.

Marketing and Advertisement Specialist: The M&A specialist will be responsible for creating flyers, advertising and promoting S.A.C activities. S/he will also be responsible to create the "TLC Newsletter" which will highlight all of TLC events and track all TLC students' achievements on and off campus.

Recording Secretary: The Recording Secretary will be responsible for recording and submitting minutes of SAC meetings and the documentation of SAC requirements.

All members of the Executive Board must meet established GPA requirements.

General membership is open to all TLC members.