Certificate in Alcohol & Drug Studies (CADS)


About This Degree

The CADS satisfies the academic requirement for New Jersey’s Certified Alcohol &Drug Counselor (CADC) credential. The other major requirements for the CADC are 3,000 hours of practicum at a licensed substance abuse treatment facility, 300 hours of clinical supervision, written examination, and oral case presentation. For a complete list of requirements, please go to www.njconsumeraffairs.gov/adc/applications.

Course Title Credits
SOCI 314 Treatment Planning for Substance Abusers 3
SOCI 335  Case Management of Alcohol & Drug Abuse Clients 3
SOCI 336 Professional & Ethical Responsibilities in Substance Abuse Treatment 3
PSYC 315* Drug & Alcohol Abuse Counseling I 3
PSYC 317*  Drug & Alcohol Abuse Counseling II 3
HLTH 424** Substance Abuse 3

(Prerequisite: PSYC 315 Drug & Alcohol Abuse Counseling I)

Total Credits: 18

*These courses are offered by the Department of Psychology.

**This course is offered by the Department of Health Sciences.

Students interested in pursuing the Certificate in Alcohol & Drug Studies should consult with Dr. Fred Andes at fandes@njcu.edu or 201-200-2369 for advisement.