Where Can You Go?

Program Options 

Direct Exchange Programs:

In a Direct Exchange Program, students pay tuition to their home university; this means the tuition for a semester in England or Japan costs the same as tuition at NJCU. Room and board are paid to the host university. Students can study at partner universities around the world:

International Affiliates:

NJCU’s International Affiliates offer significant scholarship opportunities that can reduce the cost of a semester program- tuition, room and board, and excursions- to almost the same amount you will pay for tuition alone at NJCU.

Faculty-Led Programs:

Faculty-led programs are short-term study abroad programs led by NJCU faculty members that are tied to a specific class or area of interest. These programs are typically 8-14 days long. Lectures, site visits, readings and fieldwork are integrated into the program abroad to enrich the student's experience.

Current short term programs are listed here