Study Abroad For Faculty

Study Abroad is often described as a “life changing experience” by those who participate in short-term programs or semester abroad, but how can the experience be quantified? When planning a short term program, please consider the Goals of Study Abroad.
All faculty-led study programs must have academic objectives and can be optional for a specific class, open to students in a specific program, or have an interdisciplinary focus and be open to all students. If you are interested in taking students abroad on a short-term program associated with a course, please contact Craig Katz, Director of International Programs. After discussing the tentative program’s dates, logistics, and costs, you will formally submit a  Faculty-led Program Proposal Form. Your Department Chair, Dean and the Provost will be asked to provide support for the proposal.

In order to ensure proper approval, planning, and marketing, please start planning program at least 9 months prior to the travel date. 

All students are required to follow the NJCU Student Code of Conduct and the Study Abroad Code of Conduct while overseas.

Global Partnerships
NJCU partners with a number of universities around the world for student exchange and scholarly collaboration. If NJCU has a partner school in the destination of a travel-study program, they may be willing to host or otherwise assist a visiting NJCU group. A list of current partners is here. If you would like to propose an affiliation with an overseas institution, please review: guidelines-international-agreements.pdf