For Returning Students

Welcome Home!

We hope that you had a very rewarding, educational, and enjoyable time abroad and that you are having only a mild case of "reverse culture shock". Read on for tips on how to re-adjust to your life in the US and to learn how to stay involved internationally both at NJCU and around the world. Also, learn how to share your insights and expertise with us and with prospective study abroad students.

Re-entry into the United States can be both challenging and as frustrating as living and studying in another culture. As a returning study abroad student, you and your family might expect everything to go smoothly as you are “going (coming) home”. In fact, re-entry is a process and you should take time to relax and to reflect on what is going on around you and how you are reacting to it. Although most study abroad students report strong positive feelings of what they have accomplished overseas, it is common to start seeing people, places, and behaviors from a different perspective.

Transcripts from Abroad

A few weeks after you return to campus, check with the International Office to see if the transcript from your study abroad program has arrived.

Become a Study Abroad Ambassador 

Help promote Study Abroad at NJCU by talking to fellow students about your experience abroad, giving presentations, and participating in study abroad fairs.

The Annual NJ State Re-entry Conference

The Fall Re-entry Conference is an event featuring many prominent guest speakers from the international arena. Designed for students who have recently returned from a semester or year abroad, this conference, held in the Fall, addresses the following issues:

  • The study abroad experience and reentry
  • Contributing to the international dimension of your campus
  • Marketing your international experience to employers
  • Short-term work opportunities abroad
  • Graduate fellowships abroad
  • International resources in NJ and around the region

Contact the International Office for details.