Students who attended after 1988

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Transcript Ordering Procedures For Students Who Attend NJCU From 1988 To Present

Please follow the steps below:

NOTE : If you have an outstanding tuition balance at NJCU, your transcript request will NOTbe filled. Please contact the Bursars office by phone at 201-200-3045 or email ( if you have any questions and/or to confirm the status of your balance prior to completing this form.

After signing into GothicNet, under "Menu", click on students. Click on Student Center. Under Academic History, click drop down box and select Official Transcript. Click circle next to drop down box to submit. Finally, complete the request form and submit it.

To order your transcript now, click here to log into GothicNet.

Or ...

Submit a request in writing via Fax at 201-200-2062.

  • Scan your written request for email or photograph your letter with your phone for email to
  • You must include in the letter your name(s), last 4 digits of your social security number, where you would like the transcript sent, dates of attendance (approx.) and your signature. Your request will be honored immediately upon receipt.