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Children's Learning Center

About the Children’s Learning Center

At NJCU, it's not just college students receiving an affordable world-class education—young children of University students, alumni, and employees receive the same at the University's fully licensed and accredited Children's Learning Center (CLC). The center consists of a Preschool and Pre-K classroom as well as drop-in childcare services—all at an extremely competitive cost to parents.  In addition, the center serves as a training site for NJCU students.  The Children's Learning Center provides a setting that supports NJCU students in their preprofessional field experience.  

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Established in 1982, the Children's Learning Center is inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education, which emphasizes project-based learning, the use of art as a developmental tool, collaborative group work, and attention to the physical classroom environment as a component of teaching and learning. Our teachers embrace the most current understanding of child development, multiculturalism, and performance-based assessment. Children enrolled full-time in preschool and pre-kindergarten programs can receive individualized curriculum designed around each child's personal developmental level, interests, and learning style.

At NJCU's Children's Learning Center, children are encouraged to think creatively and independently by highly qualified, enthusiastic teachers who truly respect and value them. In partnership with parents, we focus on nourishing each child's self-worth, confidence, and potential, and providing an educational experience that inspires in them a lifelong love of learning.

We invite you to tour the Children's Learning Center with your child to learn about the program, the benefits it provides our families, and the ways you can be involved in your child's early education.



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