TRiO Learning Community

Photo of group of diverse TRiO students

The TRiO Learning Community (TLC) Program, a federal student Support Services Program at New Jersey City University, is funded by the United States Department of Education and New Jersey City University. This program is designed to provide support services to low-income, first-generation students and/or students with disabilities.

The TRiO Learning Community (TLC) Program at New Jersey City University is known nationally as a federal Student Support Services (SSS) program. TLC is a federally-funded TRiO program that provides opportunities for academic development, assists students in meeting basic college requirements, and serves to motivate students towards the successful completion of their post-secondary education. Although nationally each program is different, we all share the same purpose: to retain and graduate the students we serve.

The program provides opportunities for academic development, assists students with basic college requirements, and serves to motivate students toward the successful completion of their postsecondary education. The goal of SSS is to increase the college retention and graduation rates of its participants and help students make the transition from one level of higher education to the next.

Projects include: instruction in basic study skills; tutorial services; academic, financial, or personal counseling; assistance in securing admission and financial aid for enrollment in graduate and professional programs; guidance on career options; mentoring and special services for students with limited English proficiency (LEP); and college scholarships.


  • Academic Advising
  • Academic Peer Tutoring
  • Academic Coaching
  • Graduate School Counseling
  • College Success Workshops
  • Cultural Enrichment Activities
  • Financial Aid Completion Assistance
  • Study Abroad Opportunities
  • Career Guidance
  • Reference Library
  • Computer and Printing Access
  • Personal Support
  • Community Service Opportunities


TLC is a federally funded TRiO program committed to the success of first-generation, low-income, and/or students with disabilities. Our mission is to:

  • Inspire students to believe that they can achieve academic success
  • Develop their Desire to obtain the necessary skills, knowledge, and acumen to complete a post-secondary education
  • Support students with necessary services in order for them to Persist until graduation

TLC participants graduate as polished and knowledgeable professionals ready to continue on to graduate school or as global citizens ready to conquer the competitive work force.


Applicants must be currently enrolled or accepted for enrollment at New Jersey City University; be a U.S. citizen or National of the United States or meet the requirements for federal student financial aid; demonstrate academic need; and have at least ONE of the following apply to you:

  • You are a First-Generation College Student (neither of the student's parents have received a bachelor's degree);
  • You Demonstrate Financial Need (meet income requirements established by federal guidelines);
  • You Have a Documented Disability

Student Support Services enrollment is limited. Students are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. All services are provided at no cost to participants.


Contact Us
Hepburn Hall, Room 112-E


NJCU’s First Generation Week
"Positive Persistence in Education"


Sunday, November 8, 2020 
Social Media Campaign

NJCU First Gen faculty, staff and students will be featured across all social media platforms. We encourage the campus community to use #WeAre1stGenNJCU on posts during this week to help build awareness of the inspiring stories of our First Gen community!

Monday, November 9 at 2:00-3:00 pm 
NJCU Feud: First Gen Edition

Let’s have some fun with a “Gothic Game Knight” where a team of First Gen faculty/staff will face off against a team of students to see who can best guess the survey responses of our NJCU student population.

Tuesday, November 10 6:00-7:00 pm 
Investing in My Future: Family Financial Aid Night
Guest Speaker: Robert Macauley, Director of Financial Aid

Mr. Macauley will assist students and their families in navigating the daunting financial aid process by providing tips to understanding the FAFSA and verification process. He will also share ways to maximize financial resources.  

Wednesday, November 11 at 2-3:30pm 
Breaking Barriers through Human Connection #ACHE
Guest Speaker: Maryann Diaz, LMSW

Utilizing Hip Hop music and the Social Emotional Learning Framework, Ms. Diaz will introduce four leadership qualities: Accountability, Courage, Humility, and Empowerment (ACHE) needed to effectively navigate unfamiliar systems. The workshop will focus on the importance of acknowledging trauma and reinforcing power in resilience, addressing opportunity gaps and the challenges behind college readiness, promoting diversity and inclusion, acknowledging implicit bias, anti-racism and minimizing oppression, and the abilities young scholars have in effecting change to dismantle generational and systematic barriers.  

Thursday, November 12 at 6pm 
Alumni Networking Event

First-generation students and alumni will engage in an honest conversation about the challenges associated when being the first in one’s family to embark on new journeys such as higher education. Alumni will provide students with support and insight into what they learned through the process.

This is a collaborative initiative brought to you by the members of the First Gen Planning Committee and the following campus entities: ASCEND, Council on Hispanic Affairs, Donor and Alumni Engagement, Housing & Residence Life, Office of Financial Aid, Opportunity Scholarship Program, Pre-College Programs, Speicher-Rubin Women’s Center, Student Government Association, The Center for Leadership & Engagement, and TRiO Learning Community.