Resources for Faculty and Staff to Support Students

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Resources for Faculty and Staff to Support Students

Resources for Faculty and Staff to Support Students


At NJCU, faculty and staff mentors continue to make a difference in the lives of our students. Below are resources available to students and to assist you in pointing them in the right direction. This includes academic and career support, campus and community life, health and wellness, and student intervention services.

Our NJCU Student Affairs professionals are appreciative of your student referrals and thank you for your time proactively pointing your students in the right direction.

Academic Assistance/Support Services:

Student Accounts/Services:

Getting Involved: Campus and Community Life:

Conduct/Grievance Issues:

Dean of Students Office: 

  • Oversees and administers the Student Code of Conduct
  • Except for Academic Foundation courses, notifies and advises students regarding their academic progress (probation, suspension, and dismissal) and maintains records of their status
  • Investigates all student behavioral issues and determines appropriate sanctions
  • Provides access to students' disciplinary records in accordance to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act Regulations
  • Apprises appropriate faculty and staff regarding students' extended absences and maintains related records
  • Title IX: Discrimination on the basis of sex includes sexual harassment or sexual violence, such as rape, sexual assault, sexual battery, or sexual coercion
  • Useful Forms:

Student Intervention Services:

NJCU Main Contacts/Frequently Utilized Offices: