Principal Certification Program

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About This Degree

About This Certification Program

The Principal/Supervisor Certification program is designed for P-12 setting personnel who have at least five years of experience under a standard certification in their profession and/or possess a Supervisor Certification. This unique program allows students to utilize prior approved EDLD coursework to obtain this certification. The Principal Certification specializes in preparing experienced school leaders to foster the success of all students through engaging in effective instructional leadership, continuous professional learning, and collaborating and communicating with all stakeholders. The NJCU setting provides opportunities to develop culturally sustaining leadership and advocacy for equity for all in the P-12 setting.

The EDLD The Principal/Supervisor Certification program is a 36 credit non-degree program. This flexible certification program offers students both Principal Certification and a Supervisor Certification only. 

Educational Leadership Group Activity

Unique Features

  • Prior EDLD administrative coursework is transferrable*
  • Offers 300 hour Clinical Internship
  • SLLA Prep Webinars at no additional cost
  • Course work online, with volunteer zoom check-in sessions with instructor.
  • Phase I, Supervision Courses offered in 7 week sessions.
  • Commitment to equity and social justice for culturally sustaining leadership practices
  • Students have the opportunity to develop relationships with faculty in a supportive  professional learning environment.

*coursework must be approved by the chairperson.


  • Master’s Degree in educational field.
  • Possession of a standard teaching and/or educational services certification or equivalent
  • Five years of full-time teaching and/or educational experience under an appropriate standard certification
    Verification of current employment in P-12 setting
  • Two letters of Recommendation


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