Educational Leadership

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Department of Educational Leadership

The Department of Educational Leadership aims to prepare reflective, caring, and highly skilled educational practitioners to lead urban schools in their chosen professions, to expand educational theory and practice in urban settings through research, and to work in partnership with constituents to effect change in educational practice in urban schools and higher education. Throughout the various programs, leadership candidates are required to demonstrate competency in their patience and perspective, to exercise judgment and wisdom, to develop their technical, analytical and communication skills, and to advocate for equity and social justice.

Programs and Degrees

The Educational Leadership programs are  predominantly online programs offering doctoral and master level degrees as well as Administrative Supervisor and Principal certification programs.

Two Educational Leadership presenters

The Educational Leadership Department offers the following programs:

Faculty & Staff

Chairperson: J. Alexis Kim, Ph.D.,
Faculty: Susan Phifer, Ed.D., Jeanette Baubles, Ed.D.
Staff: Rosemary Rivera,

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For more information, please contact: J. Alexis Kim, Ph.D.,