Supervisor (P-12) Certification

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About This Degree

About This Certification Program

The Educational Leadership program is a predominantly online program offering courses in online and blended formats during each term, including summer sessions. Blended course will periodically meet in-class throughout the term, while most interaction will be conducted online.


Get Your Supervisor Certification in One Semester

We now offer courses in 7-week sessions so you can gain new skills (and make your propel your career forward) quickly! 

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  • Flexibility – Students take courses either in the Spring, Fall, or during Summer I and Summer II sessions
  • Accelerated Schedule – Students have option complete all 4 courses required for certification in one semester.
  • Easy Certification - You can apply through NJCU to make things simpler
  • Fast Track Admissions and Registration: We offer instant decision and registration if you are accepted into the program

Admission Requirements

  • 3 years teaching experience under a standard certification
  • M.A. degree in educational area
  • Current employment in P-12 setting

Contact Us

For more information, please contact: J. Alexis Kim, Ph.D.,