About This Degree

A general business minor is available to all students, except for those who are majoring in a business discipline such as Accounting, Finance, Global Business, Management, Marketing, or Supply Chain. A general business minor makes business theory and application more accessible to all students regardless of their major.


The following courses are required for the minor (3 credits each):

  • ACCT 251 Financial Accounting
  • FINC 220 Foundations of Finance for Business and Life
  • ECON 115 Money and Markets
  • MGMT 211 Principles of Management
  • MKTG 231 Principles of Marketing

One ELECTIVE course from among the following (3 credits):

  • BUSI 241 Global Business
  • ACCT 253 Quick Books
  • ACCT 281 Business Law
  • FINC 370 Entrepreneurial Finance
  • MGMT 225 Business Enterprise Applications
  • MGMT 230 Business Communications Essentials
  • MKTG 331 Consumer Behavior
  • MKTG 332 Marketing Communications
  • ECON 207 Macroeconomics
  • MGMT 251Operations and Project Management Fundamentals

Up to nine credits may be accepted in transfer from among the required list. Students receiving transfer credits must take sufficient elective courses from the above list to make up the required 18 credits. A student majoring in any one of the business-related disciplines, may not minor in general business administration.

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