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Congratulations to the 2022 NJCU Clinton Global Initiative University graduates: Dhwani ShahKiara Calderon and Lorraine-Marie Andrade. Their project "Connecting Jersey City" deals with helping Jersey City students in need. 

The student mentoring team consisted of: Dr. Lauren Johnson, Dr. EunSLee and Dr. John Donnellan.

Assistant Professor Lauren Johnson presenting course on Destination and Sport Tourism Management
Computer monitor showing a zoom meeting for a sports management course. Participants are shown in a gallery view of attendees

March 2022 - In collaboration with the Office of Global Initiatives, the Sports Management Program at New Jersey City University recently expanded internationally through a partnership with Somaiya Vidyavihar University’s Graduate Sports Management Program. Assistant professor, Dr.  Lauren Johnson, virtually lectured to students in India for a 15-hour Destination and Sports Tourism Management course. Students explored the intricacies of developing mega sporting events, the adaptation of Web 3.0 in the sports industry, and how to position themselves for business development opportunities in the growing field of sports tourism. Assistant Dean and Director of Graduate Business Programs (and veteran sports manager guru!), Dr. Wanda Rutledge, made a special guest appearance during one of the virtual lectures. 

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Dr. EunSu Lee photographed at the Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting

January 2022 - Dr. EunSu Lee, an associate professor of Management presented “Mobilization of Healthy Foods to Urban Food Deserts” at the 2022 Transportation Research Board (TRB) annual meeting. The meeting was held in Washington D.C. in person on January 9 – 13, 2022. The study is co-authored with NJCU students, Anthony Picciano and Nata De La Fuente.

Mr. Anthony graduated in August 2021 with B.S. in Supply Chain, Logistics, and Maritime Management. Mrs. Natalia De La Fuente is a master’s student in Business Analytics and Data Science at the NJCU School of Business. The presentation was sponsored by the TRB Standing Committee on Agriculture and Food Transportation for an interactive presentation session to discuss the recent innovations and issues in agriculture and food transportation.

As part of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, the Transportation Research Board (TRB) provides leadership in transportation improvements and innovation through trusted, timely, impartial, and evidence-based information exchange, research, and advice regarding all modes of transportation. The Agriculture and Food Transportation Committee is focused on applicable and practical research relating to infrastructure, economics, operations, equipment, technology, and capacity issues that influence the movement of agricultural products across all modes of transportation.

Student Achievements

Screenshot of symposium poster project titles and presenters

November 2021 - NJCU School of Business students Natalia De La Fuente and Anthony Picciano participated in the 2021 Maritime Security Virtual Symposium on November 1st – 4th, 2021. The symposium was hosted with government and maritime industry leaders, port representatives, researchers, and practitioners to examine current and emerging threats to maritime security. 

Abstract: “The Maritime industry is forced to adopt constantly because strategic advantage can be gained from leveraging new business processes and technological innovations. As many changes become adopted industry-wide this causes new strategies and best practices to merge. It is widely agreed that three significant shifts in the maritime industry have occurred, each change is referred to as an industrial revolution. The two historic stages of industry advancement are titled ‘industry 1.0’, ‘industry 2.0’, and the current industry status is ‘industry 3.0.’   New technologic innovations are growing daily and will eventually revolutionize the industry again. Industry 4.0 will be the title given to the imminent future of the maritime industry. This project will utilize a literature review (meta-analysis) approach to evaluate scholarly research regarding industry 4.0 to form conclusions about what key innovations will drive the revolution and what new avenues for value creation will immerge. Simultaneously this project aims to develop visual graphics to represent findings that were most common among sources, using NLP in R to create word clouds and sentiment analysis of the researched literature. “

Natalia and Anthony were among 41 graduate and undergraduate students who presented research abstracts and posters for the symposium’s student research competition on November 2nd. Their research, “Maritime Industry 4.0 & Future Ports”, used text mining and sentiment analysis through R packages and Python to identify risks and positive outcomes of technological and industry infrastructure advancements for future maritime port security plans. Their presentation was selected for the Top 3 Submissions within the  “Security and Resilience of the Maritime Supply Chain” category.

The team NJCU was Advised by Dr. EunSu Lee, Associate Professor of Management

Two students and Professor Lee of the Management Department

March 2021 - NJCU School of Business students Anthony Picciano and Natalia De la Fuente were awarded first place in the undergraduate research poster contest hosted by the Northeast Decision Science Institute (NEDSI) conference held on March 26th – 27th, 2021.

Their presented research, “Mobilization of Healthy Food to Urban Food Desert,” proposed the development of new mobile grocery providers to address food scarcity and to improve accessibility to Jersey City grocery stores. The team utilized optimization and regression analysis to find optimal locations for mobile food providers.

“I was excited to share this community project because the research could potentially have a positive impact on our local community,” said Anthony. Natalia shared similar sentiments and added, “Using geographic information systems (GIS) and analytics learned from the classrooms really helped us understand the community’s issues and visualize how important this research is to our community”.

Twenty-four excellent student research projects were presented in the conference this year. The best post-award was selected based on the following criteria: “Clear Research Purpose; Professional and Appealing Layout of Poster; Clear and Appropriate Methodology; Clear and Interesting Conclusion/Findings, and Student Professionalism.”

The team was mentored by Drs. John Donnellan and EunSu Lee of the Management Department.

Photo of Business Students Fatimah Tijjani and Judith Crane

M.B.A. students Fatimah Tijjani and Judith Crane represent NJCU at Clinton Global Initiative University (CGI U), the higher education program of the Clinton Foundation.

For their commitment, Tijjani and Crane chose Global Health Connecting, a track dedicated to collaborative solutions to global challenges such as women’s health, diseases, and access to basic and specialized health services.

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