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Completion of the B.S. in Global Business prepares students for an exciting career dealing with our global economy. Multicultural organizations are looking for top skill sets in global business and students will learn how to work with different cultures and businesses. Critical thinking is an important aspect of the global program and at some point students can work with foreign universities on collaborative projects.

The B.S. in Entrepreneurial Management prepares students with the required skill set to thrive in this rapid and innovative economy. Students work with businesses on how creatively solve real-world problems, apply a business model to their solutions, and then assess the feasibility of their start up idea. It’s an exciting world and students will learn first-hand how to be prepared to handle start up, small business and global business problems

Obtaining a B.S. in Hospitality Management prepares students with the required skill sets and expertise to explore their interests in the vast career opportunities associated with the hospitality industry, and teaches students step-by-step how to creatively solve real-world problems in hospitality, apply a business model to their solutions, and then assess the feasibility of their proposed solutions. Hospitality management program is interdisciplinary and involves statistical analysis, accounting, marketing, and organizational behavior, strategic thinking and planning, sales, promotions, and operations, or any area in which one makes business decisions that affect employees, guests, and company profits.

The B.S. in Management provides students with fundamental management concepts. This includes the management techniques of different organizations: business; government; health services; education and financial institutions. Continuing study examines the functional and analytical specialties within institutions. Graduates work as business practitioners, as managers in manufacturing, banking, marketing, hospitality operations, restaurants and retail.

The B.S. In Sports Management prepares students for the exciting world of sports management. This is a program that is selective in the number and quality of students and we look for the top candidates for this cohort based program. The sports industry is a hundred billion dollar fields and we prepare students to excel in it.

The increased demand for the B.S in Supply Chain, Logistics, and Maritime Port Management has increased dramatically due to the fact that it is a $6 billion dollar industry in New Jersey alone. Global business today encompasses domestic and global companies with busy ports in New York and New Jersey to handle cargos worldwide from North America, Europe, South America, Africa, and Asia. Globalization revolutionizes the way companies conduct their business. The world has become one big supply chain and this program seeks to help meet the keen demand for professionals in these fields.