Focus on Digital Aspects

Balancing Rocks
Balancing Rocks (Digital work)
Dame Dolla
Dame Dolla (Digital work)
Jaime Swagger
Jaime Swagger (Digital work)
Vine from Water
Vine from Water (Digital Work)
R.I.P. XXXTENTACION (Digital work)

I play a lot of video games and have noticed that game developers have produced various simulated worlds that are extremely comparable to the actual world in the last few years. Game visuals motivate me to produce my own artwork, and this practice helps me to become a better artist overall. It astounds me that a range of 3d development and art softwares are used by numerous gaming platforms to edit and put out what appears to be genuine. 

Multiple art softwares that can modify a composition into a projected image are used in my works: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Apple Procreate, and ZBrush. Pixologic ZBrush is a 3D modeling program that allows me to use a computer to mold a mesh of clay into whatever I want. In addition to the photographs, a short video of three 3d models that I sculpted using a 3d modeling software is also included.

My works are entirely composed of digital artworks, and they reflect the type of style with which I am most at ease. It inspires me to create a huge number of works in the game design field and to be recognized as a digital artist.