Materials Layered Deep in the Earth

Multi Jewel Ring image
Multi Jewel Ring, Medium: Tungsten Ring Blank, Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, and Amethyst
Three Layer Fossil Ring image
3 Layer Fossil Ring, Medium: Tungsten Ring Liner, Dinosaur bone, Mammoth teeth, Megalodon tooth
Megalodon Tooth- Dinosaur Bone- and Mammoth Tooth Glow Ring image
Megalodon Tooth Glow Ring, Medium: Megalodon Teeth, Jewelry Grade Resin, Blue Color Pigment, and Blue Glow Powder.

​​ Dinosaur Bone Glow Ring, Medium: Dinosaur Bone, Jewelry Grade Resin, Green Color Pigment, and Green Glow Powder.

​​​​​​MammothTooth Glow Ring, Medium: MammothTeeth, Jewelry Grade Resin, White Color Pigment, and White Glow Powder.
Round and Flat Fossil Glow Ring image
Round and Flat Fossil Glow Ring, Medium: Titanium and Tungsten Ring Blank, Dinosaur Bone, MammothTeeth, Megalodon Teeth, With Green, White, and Blue Glow Powder
Multan Lava Glow Ring image
Multan Lava Glow Ring, Medium: Tungsten Ring Blank, Muonionalusta Meteorite Shavings, Red Glow Powder, and Gray Color Pigment

When creating my line of jewelry, the goal was to create pieces that are unique and special, not something that is mass-produced and unoriginal. I wish to create something innovative that stands in contrast to what we traditionally see as jewelry, while creating something that has a historical element as well.

Jewelry should make an individual stand out and not blend in with everyone else. The jewelry presented here is built on the fundamentals of materials that were found layered in our planet throughout history for millions of years. I am using materials such as fossils, dinosaur bones, mammoth teeth, Megalodon teeth, Muonionalusta and Campo Del Cielo meteorites. Setting them to each other in a single piece is an attempt to recreate how they were layered in the earth. It also restores their natural relationship to each other and the habitats in which they were found but in a way that makes it pleasing to the eye and with a modern design.

The work that I have here marks the beginning of my career and journey, and I will be expanding on newer versions and different types of styles in the not-too-distant future. I invite my viewer to reflect on the look and feel of my pieces and their historical significance.