Fearless Felines 

Trap Neuter Release Poster
Trap, Neuter, Release Poster (Digital Work)
Brochure Mockup
Fearless Felines, Brochure Mockup (Digital Work)
Brochure 1
Fearless Felines, Brochure 01 (Digital Work)
Brochure 2
Fearless Felines, Brochure 02 (Digital Work)
Fearless Felines Logo
Fearless Felines Logo (Digital Work)
Fearless Felines Logo Sweatshirt
Fearless Felines, Logo Sweatshirt (Digital Work)
Illustration 1
Fearless Felines, Illustration 1 (Digital Work)
Illustration 2
Fearless Felines, Illustration 2 (Digital Work)
Illustration 3
Fearless Felines, Illustration 3 (Digital Work)

My B.F.A. project features a website for Fearless Felines, a fictional non-profit organization that focuses on solutions for overpopulation among cats with ways to help the cat community. Cat overpopulation is caused by the uncontrolled reproduction of offspring and adopted cats being surrendered or abandoned. About 3.2 million cats enter animal shelters with only 50% of cats getting adopted while 27% get euthanized. Due to this ongoing issue, shelters now face the problem of overcrowding. Fearless Felines spreads awareness on cat overpopulation through information and resources. The website discusses the challenges for improvement with this situation along with solutions like adoption and fostering. It reviews effective ways to slow the rate of cat overpopulation with the trap, neuter, and release method. A listing of local shelters and organizations in New Jersey is included for individuals who would like to help and contribute to this cause. I have also included my personal experiences with cats I have met in the blog on the website.

Along with the website prototype my B.F.A project includes branding for the Fearless Felines organization such as a brochure, a poster, and a t-shirt with their logo to promote the organization and their website. Growing up with cats has changed my perspective and enhanced my love for them. I strive to advocate for their care through my design work and illustrations. I believe through graphic design that I can talk about tough topics, inspire others to act, and have a positive impact on the community.