A Little Garden: Oracle Deck

A Little Garden: Oracle Deck View One
A Little Garden: Oracle Deck, Medium: Graphic Design (Digital Work)
A Little Garden: Oracle Deck, standing Book view
A Little Garden: Oracle Deck, Medium: Graphic Design (Digital Work)
A Little Garden: Oracle Deck, Infographic & Card Guide
A Little Garden: Oracle Deck, Infographic & Card Guide, Medium: Graphic Design (Digital Work)

The year 2021 challenged me a lot as a student, artist, friend, and daughter. There were many times during the year that I wanted to just give up. Problems within my family started and with all the difficulty, I was turning into someone I didn't recognize but I slowly, I was able to guide myself out of the feelings of despair. I definitely matured but I also wish I availed myself of the support from my family and friends: people were actively reaching out to me but I denied them. I realize that they were willing to share the pain and that is definitely one of my regrets from the ordeals of this year.

The journey taught me lessons that have inspired me to create an oracle card deck for my BFA project. The cards will be used for guidance, like Tarot cards, and provide an opportunity to frame the chaos of the moment for the purpose of clarity and hopeful insight. I will create 30 cards that are categorized as flora, fauna, and fruit with illustrations created by me. I chose these concepts as they all have themes related to growth; I want to send the message of ‘growing as a person’ and improving, through the help and advice given by these cards. The design objective is to create simple, calming, welcoming illustrations. In addition, I will also create packaging for the deck so that it is a self-contained project. Finally, for this BFA exhibit, I plan to create an infographic that briefly explains each how to use the deck and read the cards.

I have chosen this project because it can be designed for intimacy and sharing. I know individuals who struggle, as I did, but are afraid to seek needed guidance. I hope the interplay with the cards can make one feel that there is hope and care in the world and start their healing journey.