Growth image
Rebirth: Growth, 35.5 x 30 x 13, Medium: Ceramics
Growth Detail image
Rebirth: Growth Detail, 35.5 x 30 x 13, Medium: Ceramics


Hair image
Rebirth: Hair, 10 x 6.5 x 9, Medium: Ceramics

The medium I use is clay and ceramics. Ceramics has shown me a great deal in my art journey, from where I started to what I can accomplish now. My work comes from a series of emotions, I have dealt with a series of pain and depression over the years. When Covid 19 hit, things turned considerably worse for me. I was down a spiraling path of pain. I was in this very dark place in my life. I have had to do very conscious self-healing and change my life around for the better. My work shows the emotion and form of someone with depression or anxiety. It also shows the form of rebirth of life and being reborn in a new way. I find that working with anatomy and the human figure works well for me when it comes to art. I would like people to see and feel the different emotions in these pieces.

The work I have created before ties to my work now but, it was very dark before. Now I am taking a new approach. The work I’m doing now tends to fall in line with nature and life. I’m very interested in the human form and the human body. My inspiration comes from different experiences in my life, whether good or bad. I am also inspired by the artist Beth Cavener. My hope in creating these pieces is to express the emotions within me.