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About the Chemistry Department

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Chemistry is a fundamental part of life. Everything around us is made from chemical compounds, and an understanding of chemistry is a foundation for understanding how our world works. The demand for chemical scientists is unwavering, and the career opportunities are diverse, including product research and development, health care and public health, environmental protection, quality assurance and manufacturing.

New Jersey City University’s Chemistry Department prepares students for chemical sciences careers or continued academic study in the discipline. Our student-centered approach combines theoretical concepts in the classroom with plenty of hands-on learning in the laboratory. Students work with state-of-the-art equipment in our instrumental, analytical and physical chemistry laboratories. This hands-on experience is critical to building a foundation for a chemical sciences career, graduate study in chemistry or future study in another scientific discipline.

Chemistry Department faculty are committed to NJCU’s tradition of teaching excellence. Students are invited to work with faculty on real-world research, building desirable skills and experience to give them an edge in a competitive job market.

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Robert Noyce Scholarships for STEM Teachers

NSF scholarships and stipends will be awarded to NJCU STEM majors who are obtaining teaching certifications in their fields. Funds will be available to undergraduates for their junior and/or senior years, and post-baccalaureate STEM majors may receive one-year stipends to complete their teacher certification requirements.

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