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About the Physics Department

The NJCU Physics Department offers a comprehensive education that links theoretical concepts and hands-on activities to real-world applications. We are preparing the next generation of innovators for careers in physics, engineering or science education, as well as for graduate study in the discipline.

We offer a variety of degree programs to fit your career plans. Our goal is to ensure you have the physical and life sciences experience appropriate for your concentration. A minor in physics is an excellent complement to other science degree programs, while our pre-engineering program is perfect for students looking to transfer to an engineering college for a Bachelor of Science in Engineering.

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The Physics Department full-time and adjunct faculty members are focused on student success. They offer a supportive learning environment in which your success is a priority. We offer coursework on a range of topics, from astronomy to thermodynamics, from instrumentation to microprocessors.

Physics Department students also have opportunities to connect with other physics students through department activities. There are also opportunities throughout the year for students to work with faculty on research projects, which the student can then present at a conference or symposium.

Mission Statement

The Physics department's mission has four basic elements:

  1. Prepare students for a career in Physics and Engineering through the department’s B.S. and B.S. tracks, the pre-engineering program, the joint 3-2 engineering dual degree agreement with NJIT, and the associated program physics courses. Provide these students with the appropriate knowledge and experience in physics to successfully complete these programs when they continue their education at different institutions.
  2. Prepare students for a career in Science Education, through the Bachelor of Arts in Applied Physics/ Teacher Certification (Physical Science) program. Provide these students with the appropriate knowledge and experience in physics to successfully complete the State and NSTA requirements.
  3. Give students in the physical and biological sciences the necessary knowledge and experience in physics, appropriate for their concentration of study.
  4. Ensure all students taking the physics general studies and first year experience courses understand the basic philosophy of science and important physical principles. Provide these students with a basic understanding of these physical principles, and how they apply to general everyday experiences.


Contact Us

Trying to decide if a physics program at NJCU is right for you? Contact us with questions or to schedule a visit. We look forward to hearing from you. Please contact us completing the following webform or contacting:

Dr. Christopher Herbert, Chairperson
Room: S108A

Ms. Tannella Veal, Laboratory Technician
Room S115


Dr. Christopher Herbert
Room: S108A

Dr. Alberto Pinkás
Science Building, Room 110

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Robert Noyce Scholarships for STEM Teachers

NSF scholarships and stipends will be awarded to NJCU STEM majors who are obtaining teaching certifications in their fields. Funds will be available to undergraduates for their junior and/or senior years, and post-baccalaureate STEM majors may receive one-year stipends to complete their teacher certification requirements.