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About the English Department

Whether you are planning to enter the workforce after graduation or continue your education, English prepares you for personal and professional success, with opportunities that are numerous and diverse. From CEOs to lawyers, astronauts to comedians, the world is filled with English majors in fascinating and unexpected places.

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The English Department is committed to offering an outstanding student experience. Our undergraduate concentrations enable you to focus on the areas that best align with your interests and career goals, and the English Department’s attentive faculty and staff are here to guide you. Among our array of student activities, the department publishes two student-run journals, Paths and Explorations, giving students the opportunity to gain publishing experience and a portfolio of published work.

Our faculty members have a range of research interests including Shakespeare, Latin American literature, women’s and gender studies, Africana studies, and even conspiracy theories. You can find our faculty’s research and writing in the discipline’s most prestigious publications. But more important, you can most often find our faculty among the students, sparking discussions, hosting panels and celebrating student successes. From the Writers on Campus series to social gatherings, English Department faculty actively engages students in activities that augment learning and bring students together.

Ready to learn how your love for literature, your passion for poetry, your craving for composition will propel you to a great future? Contact us today.

Strong writing and critical thinking skills are quickly becoming top requirements in today’s job market. The English Department fosters these skills through a variety of coursework that serves as the foundation for an exemplary liberal arts education.

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