About NJCU Earth Museum

The Earth Museum affiliated with the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences (EESC) at New Jersey City University (NJCU) in Jersey City, NJ provides students and the general public with an opportunity to explore the history and environment of Earth through various displays and exhibits of minerals, rocks, fossils and other earth materials. The museum also offers an opportunity to learn about our planet and its environment through viewing science documentaries and Hollywood movies on natural disasters, environmental pollutions, sustainability and global climate change. An educational guided tour of the museum will be available upon appointment. Please contact the museum coordinator or the EESC department chair for further information to schedule a guided tour.

Museum Hours: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM, Monday - Friday

Museum Flyer

Map of the Earth Museum (2nd Floor of Science Building)

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Contact Us

Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences,
New Jersey City University
2039 Kennedy Boulevard, Science Building, Room 250,
Jersey City, NJ  07305

Earth Museum Coordinator: Mr. Mark Zdziarski (mzdziarski@njcu.edu; 201-200-3161)

EESC Department Chairperson: Dr. Hun Bok Jung (hjung@njcu.edu; 201-200-3161)