Middle-skill jobs, which require education beyond high school but not a four-year degree, make up the largest part of American’s and New Jersey’s labor market. Key industries in New Jersey are unable to find enough sufficiently trained workers to fill these jobs. Approximately 53% of jobs in New Jersey are classified as middle-skill. Many of the Top 100 Jobs in New Jersey by 2024 are middle-skill based. To help prepare individuals for a middle-skill job, NJCU offers a middle-skill hospitality program.

The Employer-Led Hospitality Program is designed to prepare students for work within small - mid - size employer partnering companies. Hands on fundamentals along with theoretical knowledge of this industry are provided in a modern work-space at New Jersey City University. Classes are creative, project-based and fluid which prepare students to work in hotels, banquet halls, restaurants, casinos, corporate dining and resorts. A bilingual component is also an important aspect of our curriculum. Students are taught basic industry specific Spanish terms to improve chances of employment and advancement within this industry.

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NJCU also offers middle-skill training in Allied Healthcare, Business, Hospitality, Information Technology, Logistics, Maritime, and Media.

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