Logistics Workforce Development Programs

Middle-skill jobs, which require education beyond high school but not a four-year degree, make up the largest part of American’s and New Jersey’s labor market. Key industries in New Jersey are unable to find enough sufficiently trained workers to fill these jobs. Approximately 53% of jobs in New Jersey are classified as middle-skill. Many of the Top 100 Jobs in New Jersey by 2024 are middle-skill based. To help prepare individuals for a middle-skill job, The NJCU Center for Workforce and Community Development offers a Transportation/Logistics/Distribution (TLD) middle-skill program.

NJCU launched The NJCU Center for Workforce and Community Development in 2015 through a partnership with JPMorganChase, The Walmart Foundation and the Office of the Mayor of Jersey City to satisfy local labor market deficiencies and increase access to employment opportunities for both, unemployed and incumbent workers. The mission of The Center is to increase the number of residents with an industry valued credential and degree within the TLD sector.

The NJCU Center for Workforce and Community Development utilizes an employer-driven model to develop curriculum that satisfy the talent needs of targeted employers. Effectively, this allows for multiple entry points to a career pathway and economic opportunity. This collaborative model is supported through the Center’s engagement efforts with over 25 selected employers and labor unions in the regional area (see attached). These efforts combined with workforce data result in industry intelligence that allow the Center to develop and modify training programs with agility and speed. Our trainees apply lessons from the classroom in real world settings through fellowships and practicums. Overtime, our trainees acquire stackable credentials that allow for upwards mobility in a career ladder.

Strong community, employer and government relationships throughout the County of Hudson and State of New Jersey allow this initiative to connect more women and other under-represented groups to career opportunities in the TLD sector. This innovative program enables companies within Hudson County and the surrounding areas to have access to training at no cost for incumbent employees as well as job seekers and new hires.

It is expected that participants who successfully complete their training are hired and/or promoted by the partnering employers. In addition to offering in-depth ‘upskill’ training in areas like warehouse operations, supply chain management, inventory cycle counting, and AutoCad, NJCU customizes curricula and training programs to meet the latest industry demands and each employer’s unique TLD needs.

Annually, The NJCU Center for Workforce and Community Development trains approximately ~165 community members mostly from within Hudson County. Our trainees, must be at least 18 years of age, have a high school diploma or GED and preferably have a valid driver’s license. The Center has a successful employment placement rate of 70% with an average rate of pay at placement of $14 per hour. The average increase after training for an incumbent worker is $2.75 per hour. We pay special attention to recruit veterans, women and have trained certain re-entry populations.

NJCU also offers middle-skill training in Allied Healthcare, Business, Hospitality, Information Technology, Logistics, Maritime, and Media.