Marketing Student Testimonials

youssef ibrahim headshot

"The education I received at New Jersey City University paved a path that enabled me to unlock both personal and professional dormant potential. As an alumnus who was already working in the marketing field before obtaining both BA and MBA degrees in Marketing, I can say NJCU further enhanced my skillset and allowed me to take on day-to-day challenges in the real world while confidently excelling in all endeavors I’ve pursued. The University provides an unmatched amount of resources, aid, counseling and much more to both current students as well as graduates. Particularly, I have successfully been able to develop a deeper knowledge of how marketers strategize, build business plans, and read insights with useful analytics, thanks to the implementations and curriculum NJCU has put together and provided throughout the years. As a professional who is constantly looking for ways to network and connect, continuously broadening my knowledge and information, I encourage those interested in Marketing to entrust their education and future to New Jersey City University’s Marketing Department, as an education and degree from the Marketing Department has played an immense part in my thrive of reaching a Senior level position in product marketing." - Youssef Ibrahim ‘15, ‘18

nicole manzione headshot

“New Jersey City University has provided me with a great education and plenty of resources for the best value in New Jersey. This university is equipped with a number of professors who create new interests and understandings due to their experience and passion in the field of marketing. NJCU has allowed me to enter the workforce with a plethora of knowledge and total confidence without the burden of the typical tuition costs that other students incur. My education experience has helped me land a job that I’m thrilled about and acquire lifelong friends with similar interests.”  - Nicole Manzione ‘17



destiny dunbar headshot

"My experience at New Jersey City University was like no other. It’s incredibly hard to come by professors who genuinely care about their students. The University is equipped with like-minded intellectual professors who brought their real life experiences to the classroom to better educate their students far beyond a textbook. NJCU provided me with an experience of a life time. I was given an amazing opportunity to travel to India and compete in an economic competition. It is an accomplishment that I hold dear to my heart. Through NJCU I interned with The Institute for Public Relations (IPR), where I learned first hand from the Director of Communications. That internship provided me with the tools to start up NJCU’s first IPR Street Team. I ended my years at NJCU Magna Cum Laude and with the Student of the Year Award.  My education at NJCU has shaped me into the woman I am today. I am extremely thrilled to call NJCU my alma mater." - Destiny Dunbar ‘18

thi swander headshot

“New Jersey City University’s Marketing Department has equipped me with the abilities needed to tackle today’s challenges in entering a competitive job market as a recent graduate. Through the courses instructed by Professor Williams, Dr. Rennie, and the stellar faculty of the Marketing Department, students immerse themselves in real-life learning through case study analysis, creative projects, and business strategy implementation. The program has taught me a great deal about a host of marketing topics including integrated marketing communications, market research, brand management, marketing management, and social media; skills that I have effectively leverage every day in my job (and which I’ve proudly shared during interviews).  As an enthusiast for creativity and innovation, the field of marketing enables me to create meaningful connections – whether it’s companies with clients or products with consumers.  Don’t wait – allow NJCU’s Marketing Department to help jump start your journey in pursuing your passions!” - Thi Swander, ‘16

neel patel headshot

"I had the immense pleasure of being a student at NJCU School of Business for my undergraduate studies. As a marketing major, I learned and developed numerous skills especially digital marketing, public speaking, and problem-solving skills. Prof. Ashley Manz, Prof. Susan Williams and Dr. Kathleen Rennie put me on the path to success through life lessons and mentorship. Their classes led me to international conferences, international competitions, several internships, and graduate school. It is remarkable to see how NJCU’s marketing department successfully offers this type of faculty support and unique experiences. I am sure the future of the NJCU’s marketing department with the current faculty is well positioned for continued success."  - Neel Patel ‘19