Marketing Alumni: Where Are They Now?


Name: Junio Abraham (Junio a.k.a JONva)
Major: Marketing, 1998
Title: Artist Development-Global Director, United Kingdom and North America.

Recent media: 

Junio J. Abraham, Jr.’s background as an entrepreneur, business professional, educator, mentor, and humanitarian led him to work in Commercial Banking, Education, Multimedia, Entertainment, and the Music Industry. Having majored in Business with a concentration in Marketing at NJCU, Junio used his NJCU education to leverage, connect, and position himself into an array of business opportunities worldwide.

He also moved on to receive both a bachelor’s and master’s degree from Berklee College of Music with Magna-Cum Laude honors. Today, Junio is an Artist Development-Global Director and serves as a New Jersey City University Alumni Advisory Board Member.

Junio credits his drive and dedication to his professors and the NJCU School Business, who prepared him with the tools to thrive within yesterday’s, today’s, and tomorrow’s ever-changing global arena. Junio’s passion as a mentor today and professional coaching is to share his experience with the next generation of leaders -- the same learning gift that he was given as an NJCU student, helping him on his journey and quest to success.


Name: Meghan Contegiacomo
Major: Marketing, 2021
Title: Administrator, Seiden Family Law

After earning an Associate’s Degree at Brookdale Community College, Meghan enrolled at NJCU, and quickly gravitated to the Marketing major. She excelled in all her classes, becoming more and more interested in all aspects of Marketing and Communication.

Impressed by Meghan’s work ethic and talent, one of her Marketing professors alerted her to a full-time position. Meaghan interviewed for the position and was hired before she graduated. Meghan worked as a as a Marketing Manager at WeCool Toys, Inc. after graduation. She now serves as an Administrator at Seiden Family Law in Cranford, NJ, managing logistics for an office move, providing legal services and coordinating marketing plans for the firm.


Name: Luis Lebron
Major: Marketing, 2017
Title: Marketing Campaign Manager at LiveU

Luis Lebron started attending NJCU in 2012.  In 2016 he took advantage of NJCU’s Career Services and earned a marketing internship for credits with Bray Entertainment, a local production company. After the semester and internship was over, the production company took Luis on as an intern again -- this time hiring him to work extra days of the week. 

Luis Graduated in 2017 and within a few months was hired full time at LiveU.  There, he assisted with product marketing and marketing automation for the LiveU Solo, a live streaming encoder.  After a few years, he was promoted to manage marketing automation for all products.  He is also responsible for reporting on marketing efforts as well as managing trade show logistics.


Name: Allison Vaccaro
Major: Marketing, 2021
Title: Digital Media Manager, Ultraviolet Agency, Holmdel, NJ

Allison Vaccaro used her time as an NJCU Marketing student to hone her skills and ensure that that stood out from among the competition when she graduated. While at NJCU, Allison was s stellar student and active in the NJCU Public Relations Society of America (PRSSA) Chapter. She also completed an internship with the Red Bank River Center.

After graduation, Allison secured a Social Media Coordinator position at Ultraviolet Agency, in Holmdel, New Jersey. Since then she was promoted to Social Media Manager. Allison spends her workday creating social media calendars, writing social content and choosing photos and layouts that align with her clients’ social strategies. She is also diving into influencer work.

In Fall 2021, Allison became the 11th NJCU Marketing graduate to pass the challenging National Certificate in Principles of Public Relations Examination through the Universal Accreditation Board (UAB). The Certificate in Principles of Public Relations is an entry-level certificate designed to demonstrate a fundamental level of knowledge for graduates entering public relations, marketing and related professions. NJCU leads the State of New Jersey in the number of students who have passed the Certificate in Principles of Public Relations Examination.


Name: Amber Vaughn 
Major: Marketing, 2017 
Title: Founder, Healing with H’armani

Amber Vaughn started attending NJCU in 2011. In 2016, she received a Marketing internship at the Small Business Development Center, where she assisted clients with their business endeavors and promoted office events to local online and print publications via press releases. 

In that same year, she worked as a Marketing Intern at K9dergarten, located in Downtown Jersey City, and as a Marketing Manager for NJCU’s The Gothic Times

Amber graduated in 2017, and briefly worked for a Marketing agency in Hoboken as Social Media Marketing Specialist, where she created and monitored social media accounts for clients. 

In 2020, Amber used her Marketing knowledge and skills to start a small business, making and selling handmade beaded jewelry called Amber’s Bracelets Store. In 2022, she rebranded her business to Healing with H’armani, selling handmade metaphysical jewelry.