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The 10 Top Computer Science Jobs For The Future:

  1. Software Developer - These professionals design and program the computer applications we use daily. This job requires a BS degree in Computer Science coupled with strong programming skills in several computer languages. The average annual starting salary is $93,350. The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics expects this field to have a high growth rate increasing the number of available jobs for future graduates. NJCU Computer Science classes for this job include CS-350 Software Engineering I and CS-351 Software Engineering II
  2. Information Security Analyst - These professionals ensure that data on company websites and servers are protected from theft and fraud. They also simulate attacks to identify potentials areas of vulnerability. Starting salary is in the range of86,170 per year.  Please see information listed below for technical skills needed to qualify for this position:
    • Linux training
    • Network Security
    • Firewalls
    • Cryptography
    • Unix
    • Cisco
    • Python
    • Information Assurance
    • Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)
    • Systems & Network configurations NJCU Computer Science class for this job CS-407 Introduction to Unix/Linux Systems.
  3. Computer Systems Analyst - These professionals design and implement systems for businesses and organizations. There are three types of Computer Systems Analysts which are: Systems Designer who are responsible for finding technical solutions that match an organization’s long-term goals. Software Quality Assurance (QA) who analyze and test problems in computer software, and third Programmer Analysts who develop and write code for software and meet client’s needs. To qualify for this career you will need a BS in Computer Science or Information Technology. It also may be necessary to have a background in business administration as this occupation integrates business and technology. This job pays an average of $79,680 per year. NJCU class CS-107 Computers & Information Systems.
  4. Computer & Information Systems Manager - See list of job responsibilities below:
    • Explore issues in computing and develop theories and models to address these issues.
    • Help solve complex computing problems.
    • Create new computing languages, tools, and methods to improve client’s work.
    • Develop and improve the software systems that form the basis of modern computing experience.
    • Design experiments to test operations of software systems and analyze results
    • Publish their findings in academic journals and present at conferences.
    • Creating and improving software involving working with algorithms.
      Qualifications: BS in Computer Science and minor in Computer Information Systems.  After working in an organization for five or more years it is possible to earn $120,950 yearly. NJCU Computer Science classes for Computer & Information Systems Manger are CS-214 Business Applications Micro I and CS-215 Business Applications Micro II.
  5. Computer & Information Research Scientists - Professionals in this field do research to solve complex computer problems, and invent new ways to use technology.
    Qualifications: Need a Ph.D. to be a research scientist, but may be able to get a federal job with a BS degree. Average annual salary is $102,190 with 15% job growth projected over the next ten years. NJCU Computer Science course CS-120 Computers & Information Technology.
  6. Computer Network Architect. These professionals are responsible for building connections between several businesses or a huge network of users.
    -BS degree in Computer Science or Information Systems
    -Detailed oriented and interested in building and organizing things with leadership skills.
    -Expertise in a specific industry is also necessary. The average annual salary for this position is $91,000. The U.S. Bureau of Labor & Statistics predicts 20,900 new jobs for Network Architects by the year 2020. NJCU Computer Science course CS-410 Telecommunications & Networks.
  7. Network & Computer Systems Administrators. As a Systems Administrator you are responsible for the day to day operations of the physical computer network within the organizations. Qualification: BS Computer Science or Computer Information Systems, analytical thinking, clear communication skills, multitasking and problem solving skills are needed. Systems Administrators earn an average of $72,560 yearly and there are projected to be more than 42,900 new jobs by 2020. NJCU Computer Science class CS-410 Telecommunications & Networks.
  8. Database Administrator - These professionals use software to manage information capacity for businesses, government, bureaus, and other organizations. Qualifications: BS in Information Technology with experience building databases are required. Annual salary of $77,088 and a predicted growth rate of 15%. Therefore, 4,100 new Database Administrator jobs will be available by 2022. NJCU Computer Science Class CS-306 Data Base Design.
  9. Web Developer - These professionals are responsible for the appearance and functionality of company websites, intranets, and applications. The annual salary is $62,500 or $30.05 per hour. Qualifications: Creative and work independently, sometimes self-employed. Some pointers on acquiring entry-level Web developer job: Build a Portfolio site with relevant work, do Freelance projects, put your code on Github, participate in a Hackathon, contribute to an Open Source Project, and follow and keep up with current industry news. NJCU Computer Science class CS-430 Internet Multimedia Programming.
  10. Computer Support Specialist -Troubleshoot hardware and software problems for both small and large companies. Qualifications: BS in Computer Science, Information Technology, or Desktop Support, interpersonal and problem-solving skills, familiarity with Windows and Mac operating systems and servers and Cisco and Microsoft products.  Average annual salary is $51,470.  This field is expected to grow by 16% over the next 10 years with 123,000 new jobs by 2022. There is a wide range of stable jobs if you have an interest in Computers & Information Technology.  NJCU Computer Science classes CS-214 Business Applications Micro I and also CS-215 Business Applications Micro II.